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Sunday, 8 January 2012

TDTK version1.3.2 released

I know I've been saying for sometime now I wont be working on TDTK anymore for the time being. But the truth is, I have, to a certain extent.

So here's the latest update, version 1.3.2!

Well, when I say update, it's just a collection of minor improvements and bug fixes, many of which courtesy of the wonderful people that have been using the toolkit. So here's the list of the changes in v1.3.2:

  • fix bug where tower is unselectable in platform mode when gridSize is set to 0.
  • fix bug where tower build heightOffset is not considered when in iOS platform mode.
  • fix graphic glitch where creep overlay flip for a split seconds when creep reach a waypoint.
  • fix bug where creep object is deactivate prematurely before deadAnimation or deadSoundEffect has finished playing.
  • added deathDelayDuration variable so the dealy before creep deactivation upon death can be configured.
  • added shootPoint for tower to “fire” shootObject from a designated position instead of turret object's centre point. Feature has been extend to upgraded tower turret.
  • Tweak projectile and missile shootObject so it aims a little ahead of target.
  • added vertical limit to camera so the camera cannot be zoom indefinitely.

The package is now live and available on Unity AssetStore. Special thanks here to Bob a.k.a wheelbarrow on UnityForum and Tom from Litobyte Softworks for giving me lots of feedback and notify me for the bugs.

TDTK User Creation

TDTK has always been aimed as a kit used by artist who dont have the mean to code to use their own asset to customize their own TD game. Here's two of the result of artwork+TDTK.

A very kind user, Bob a.k.a wheelbarrow o unity forum has agree to showcase what he has done with the toolkit so far. I have to say it looks amazing and have certainly done more than the kit justice.

Here's another creation by another user Christopher Cross. Chris has add i his own tweak to the base framework, a rotating tower platform. Have to say it's very innovative here. I wouldn't have thought of it otherwise.

You can check out Chris's blog here. There's a playable webdemo.

To be honest, they have both given me the permission and material to put on the blog some time ago. I've been too busy to do any blog update. Anyway, It would be brilliant to see how these two turn out, makes my day really.