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Wednesday, 23 December 2015


Apparently I've never make any announcement post for my latest release on AssetStore. To make it up, I hereby announce that TDSTK is now live on AssetStore. And so is the subsequent update v1.1. Now I won't go through what TDSTK can do here. You can simply get that from the TDSTK main page.

Truth be told, TDSTK start from something I work for fun over the weekend. I'm quite happy with the way it turns out. It has a very flexible system that allows a lot of synergy between the weapons, effects, ability and collectibles. Any effects (damage, stun, slow, damage over time, etc) can used for any weapon, ability and collectible. Weapon can fire abilities, abilities usage can be set to behave like collectible or weapons, Collectible can grant weapon or ability or modified weapon behaviour and so on. It's not the same thing but it feels so much more free form and powerful then what I've done in both TDTK or TBTK.

The fact that I spent almost as much time playing the demo as I worked on it is a testament of how fun the mechanic is. Or I'm just so deprived of the simple pleasure of playing a simple top down shooter game that I find a simple demo so fun. I guess the new visual direction that I went for helps too. There's a strange satisfaction when every time when I shoot at something and it shatters into pieces. If you are sold based on what I've described so far, try play the demo yourself. You can find the link at the TDSTK main page.

Some of the behind the scene screen shot for the demo
On a more technical side, the implementation is objectively better. Most of this won't be immediately obvious to the user but it will be a lot more easier for me to maintain, update and expand the toolkit in the long run. For a start, the code for the editors are better organized and it support multiple instance editing when it can. Then the UI is done a lot more efficiently, drastically reduce the amount of code required. I'm planning to apply all this new techniques here to both TDTK and TBTK.

Of course, there's plenty of room for improvement and expansion. I can see myself adding support for some sort of character progression system, or inventory system, taking it very close to being an action rpg framework. A very exciting prospect indeed. What I'm trying to say is I will definitely trying to experimenting and adding new interesting feature in the future. Basically Just like what I did with TDTK and TBTK.

Finally, some shameless self-complimenting. The new tank and turret set I've made for the toolkit, quite nice aren't they? 

Friday, 27 November 2015

Coming Soon...

Taking a break from MechCorp, I've been working on something new (you can probably tell from the gif above), a toolkit about top down shooter, fittingly name TopDownShooter-ToolKit (very original I've no doubt).

Now I'm not going to shed all the detail here until it's done.This is just a quick post about what's coming.

Like TBTK and TDTK, this new toolkit is aim to allow building of as many kind of top down shooter gameplay as possible. User can build custom unit, weapons, abilities, collectibles of their own within a reasonable confine. The toolkit should accommodate most of the gameplay mechanic found in typical design.

Unlike TDTK and TBTK, the structure of the new toolkit is a lot more free form and open ended. It support a variety of objectives for each level. It also comes with various utility tool for level design to create various set piece. I have to say, I've lost count of time I end up play instead of testing the demo scene. It's quite fun! I can sure see myself working on this for a long time to come, there's so much potentially fun stuff I can add with this one.

Personally, I find the most satisfaction in the coding. Which is a lot more better than my past work. Now that I've done that. The OCD in me is urging me to go back and revise TBTK and TDTK with the new improvement I've made.

At the moment, I'm polishing stuff up and working on the documentation. If you are still guessing, yes this is coming to AssetStore, unless it's rejected for whatever reason. Until then, enjoy these sneak peak.

Timed survival in arena - taken from one of the demo scene
Some of the editors, perhaps you can tell what feature are supported from these
Endless side scroller, checked.

Friday, 9 October 2015

MechCorp Update (9th October 2015)

Before I start a wall of text, I've uploaded an alpha build. So if you are interested or have time on your hand, please give it a go. I will gladly accept any feedback. So here you go:

If you need some fancy stuff to convince you, take a look at this:

Now we got that out of the way, so what's new in this update. Well, as usual, a couple of a big change and a series of small tweaks, which feels like a lot to be honest.

For a start, a new contract system has been added. These contract will act as the objective in each section. The player complete a contract in one section, then move on to other section to pursue the next contract. The contract varies, some have multiple stages and objective and some are very straight-forward. The spice things up a bit, each of the contract has a set time. The contract is considered failed if it's not completed in time. This should give the player the dilemma to rush or to give the squad time to recover after each battle.
Then there's the new system where player can assembly their own mech, provided they have the blue print for the mech. The blue print can only be obtain via random encounter through exploration.  Building new mech will also require parts, which can be collected from various source. So instead of purchasing new mech from the shop at a cut throat price, there's another alternative.

Repair system has been changed as well. The player can choose to repair damaged mech at any time for a fee. However it takes time to do the repair and mechs going through repair cannot be deployed for battle.
Other than that, the main UI flow has been overhaul some what, to give the player more sense of traveling to another location and make a stop. Each location has random job listing, which are basically one off battle player can choose to engage in for various reward. Finally, player can now dock in station for a fee to past the time. This serve as a way to rest the crew to boost morale as well as waiting for the mechs to be repaired.
So basically these are the major changes. Now if you haven't give the demo a go. Do it now!  :)

Friday, 28 August 2015

MechCorp Update (27th August 2015)

It's update time again. In fact it has long overdue. Good thing that I've actually got quite a lot of stuff done. The game is approaching its beta state at this point

So, the most notable different between the last update is the visual. I have overhauled almost all of the UI. You will notice in the screen shot I have got custom produced asset now instead of placeholder. The star-map have been enhanced with some really cool parallax effect. Everything has been made to be more interactive in general. The difference is dramatic I have to say.

Moving away from visual, the most important stuff is I've made quite some change to the game itself. Apart from the existing resource that the player need to manage, a morale system has been added. The morale would affect how the units perform in a battle. They would have some impact outside the battle. Let just say it's not a good idea keeping the morale of the crew low. Of course the morale is affected by how well the squad is doing on a whole.

Then there's combat. A new flanking system is added so that unit's facing is taking into consideration in an attack. Attacking a unit from the rear will grant a bonus. So it's a good idea for the player to try to flank the opponent while keeping their own back covered. This is to give the battle another layer of tactical depth. There's actual reason now to try to move the unit around other than just getting them into attacking range.

To compliment the new system, a considerable amount of work has been put into AI. The AI will take advantage of the flanking. Some AI unit will actively try to flank the player while some will be very defensive. All in all, it makes for a more dynamic combat.

So I guess that's all the update I have for now, unless I talk about the less exciting stuff such as save system, or goes into detail explaining all the tiny detail and polish. So until next time.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Demon Rise - A game made using TBTK

I just have to make a post about this. Apparently this beauty, which is built using a modified TBTK, has been released on AppStore and I have missed it until now. I can't comment on the gameplay as I don't have a working iOS device to play this on. The dev says he plans to release it on Android so here's hoping.

Ignore the fact that I've never play it, it looks gorgeous. Look at it.

Being involved in the development (to a certain extent) of something like this does makes me proud. Very proud indeed. If you have an iPhone or iPad, go download it -

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Status Update

Once again it feels like I've fallen off the face of the earth or something. Can't believe that it's been 2 months since I last post something. I started this blog with the intention to post regular update of the things I'm doing and the progress I've done. Just to remind and motivate myself, if not to anyone who is interested. It seems like I've either have so much to do I've forgotten about posting, or I've been doing nothing all this while.

Truth is, my status hasn't change much since the last few months. That is I'm concentrating almost all my effort on MechCorp. It has been taken way way too long than I first expected. But it's all because of my own doing. Indecisive in finalizing the various aspect of the project and inexperience in many of the execution. The consolation is at least progress are slowly being made.

I've now built almost two dozen of mech models, along with another two dozen or so of interchangeable weapons for the mech, and other units. They all have been integrated into the game. I've got most of the game mechanic nailed down, at least half of the UI finalized and done. There are still a lot to do but it feels like I've crossed the half way line. There's no reason why this can't be finished now.

Honestly, it has been a very rocky process with lots of roller-coaster like ups and down. There are days I feel like I'm nailing it and it's going to be the a very good game, then a little design flaw I found later makes me feels like the whole thing is a big waste of time. Project fatigue is certainly closing in. I've lost count of how many time I'm tempted to scrap everything and start again, or just do something else.

On another note, as of this month, it's been 4 years since I started this blog. It also means that it's been 4 years I'm trying to do this professionally on a full time basis. Not saying I'm surprise that I'm still here, I know I have the will to see thing through. I will most certainly still be here this time next year. But it would certainly be very nice if I've a moderately successful game released by the same time next year.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

MechCorp Update (11th March 2015) - Colors!

Feels like ages since I last post something. But this time I'm back with many cool update about MechCorp. Most importantly, there are eyes-candy.

First, more customization option for the mechs. By which I mean the colors on the mechs. They no longer stay grey. And also there are skins. Well there's only one for now. I'll see if I can put more in later.

Then there's the combat. Thing has been spiced up a bit by the addition of randomly placed obstacles on the grid. This should make line-of-fire a more prominent role in the game and making the game more tactical.

These two are the obvious visible changes since the last update but they are not all. There have been other progress as well. A simple plot has been added, giving the overall progress of the game more context. The pacing of the game has also been re-structured around that. So the game now has a clear objective in which the player needs to work toward with certain sense of urgency.

To put it bluntly, all is well at this point. I'm pretty pleased with the progress and how the game is shaping up.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

MechCorp Update (4th February 2015)

A little gameplay footage, I didnt record the sound unfortunately

It feels like it has been an eternity since I last posted. I've been hiding in the mountains working on MechCorp and I've done an awful lot since. I think.

So I've ported MechCorp from to Unity4.6, rebuilding the UI from NGUI to uGUI, update the TBTK component from the older version to version2. In the process, I've done a major restructuring to the coding. I've also done some redesign to some major component the gameplay. It's quite an operation to say the least. And I'm quite glad I manage to get it done within 2 months. Considering I've manage to take the project past the point where it were before the update. The only 'but' is the new build hasn't got a save system like before. I figure that can wait.

The new gameplay offer more stuff to do and more reasons to explore the world. I feel like it should give a tighter experience. Basically all the major component is done at this point. There might still be room for one or two features that I really want to try but that's my feature creep sneaking in. I should be able to just focus on building content and it wouldn't be straying too far from my original vision.

By the way, I would like to have someone playing it and give me some feedback. So if you are interested in trying it out. Please let me know and I'll be happy to send you a demo.