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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Overview Video for TDTK2

Warning, this post may contain mediocrity and sub-par youtube video. Ok, maybe just the video is something new along all these blog-post.

Anyway, I've made 2 videos doing quick overview of TDTK. Well, each of them is 9 minutes long so I guess it's not so quick. All thanks to user CreepGnome for suggesting the idea in the first place.


Friday, 27 April 2012


Introducing "Input.Touches", my latest addition to Unity AssetStore. It is aimed to be a low cost, easy to use helper library for Unity3 touch (and mouse) input. The library uses event system to signal various input event. Let the user by pass the need to deal with coding of the input.

So in a nutshell, this is what comes with the package:
  • Support various gesture: swipe, pinch, drag, rotate, double tap, long tap, short tap, charging, on up, on down, single finger, two fingers...
  • Uses event system, keep things simple.
  • Support both JS and C#.
  • Tested and works on PC and IOS device.
  • Various example scene with documented code.
  • Comes with support of a dedicated developer. :)
Also please feel free to try out the demo.

I know this is not the first package of it's kind on the AssetStore. And there are some very successful package of this sort on the Store. FingerGestures *cough*. Trust me I'm not jumping on the bandwagon and I havent purposely spent a lot of time to put this package together. Most of the content has been done way before. I have actually spent a month or more working on a multi-touch project for research purpose. That's where the most of the multi-touch gesture and camera stuff get done. Also TDTK also contain such touch input and gesture element for camera manipulation. Well there, I've said it, this is a recycle content from my past project.

Still I recon it would do some good out there. I'm pricing it pretty low at $20 and I do plan to add more content to it. And I'm prepare to provide good support to the user. Just like how I did with TDTK's users. :)

Well I'll stop here. Here's a link to the Unity AssetStore. Feel free to leave a comment here or at the official forum thread on Unity forum.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

TDTK 2.0 is now on AssetStore!

Yay, finally it's ready. TDTK2.0! And boy AssetStore work fast this time. It's live within an hour I submitted it.

You can go to AssetStore with this link. Also, feel free to try out the demo.

I apologise for those who are disappointed that the feature they requested is not there. But I'm sure you'll find this package is a big improvement over previous version. I've started a new official thread for TDTK2 on unity forum. For a (almost) full feature list of the toolkit, please refer to the first post of the thread. I dont want to post too many redundant information. Also, any feedback, comment are much appreciated. Please post them on the thread.

For those who have made a direct purchase from me in the past, please email me to get your update. Terribly sorry for the inconvenience.

Finally, thanks for your support all along. I hope you enjoy the kit.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Annoucing DashMonster!

Behold, my official first iOS game!

Yes I've spend most of the time for the past 2 months on this s***! It's not easy. Fighting over design decision which I'm happy to say I won. Well not really, other wise this would be of a hardcore game of other genre. It's even harder try to coordinate everything together. But hey, somethings are meant to be learnt the hard way.

You might have caught glimpse of it in my previous posting. It's a very simple casual game, running game to be exact, much like every other iOS game out there. Just that I've gone to great length to make sure the graphic are more than decent, which I hope you agree. More screenies here:

The game is now currently under the process of being submitting to the AppStore. I do hope it goes smoothly and I do hope that the public likes it. Despite having every confidence in my own work, I think I'll pray a lot for the coming 2 weeks.

There's no mention of credit in the game, so I would mention it here:

General Art Asset - Mark Devera
Character ArtAsset - Ramon PausaJr.
Audio - George from Alchemy Audio Design

TDTKv2.0 Update

I know it has taken quite a bit of time. Also the updates has also come few and far between. I tried to make regular updates and I'm sure the time are better spent on actually working. Truth is I have a bit of OCD to try to gather as much material as I can before making a post. So it's that "just one more feature mentality" that keep me putting up stuffs regularly. Maybe my work rate is too slow.

Anyway enough of mumbling. Here's the current status of TDTK2.
  • Work has been started on documentation. 10 pages and I think I've only cover no more than 70%, possibly less. And I'm stilling adding features!
  • Multi-resources system has been in place. The system support configurable amount of resource type (custom name and icon for each resource are supported). It's actually much better than it sound, trust me.
  • Trap/Mine added, thanks to great suggestion from GIOWorks. It works just like the name suggest and it support all effect a normal tower have (damage, slow, freeze, etc.).
  • And other minor less exciting stuff.
That's it for now. I would say it's almost there and I'm really looking forward to replace this with current version. It also helps that I will have more time on my hand now (hopefully) I've just wrap up another iOS project. Thanks for all the support and anticipation for TDTK2, that's what keep me going.

For current TDTK user, please feel free to let me know if there any feature/utility that you would like to see. I'll try my best to incorporate them.