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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Annoucing DashMonster!

Behold, my official first iOS game!

Yes I've spend most of the time for the past 2 months on this s***! It's not easy. Fighting over design decision which I'm happy to say I won. Well not really, other wise this would be of a hardcore game of other genre. It's even harder try to coordinate everything together. But hey, somethings are meant to be learnt the hard way.

You might have caught glimpse of it in my previous posting. It's a very simple casual game, running game to be exact, much like every other iOS game out there. Just that I've gone to great length to make sure the graphic are more than decent, which I hope you agree. More screenies here:

The game is now currently under the process of being submitting to the AppStore. I do hope it goes smoothly and I do hope that the public likes it. Despite having every confidence in my own work, I think I'll pray a lot for the coming 2 weeks.

There's no mention of credit in the game, so I would mention it here:

General Art Asset - Mark Devera
Character ArtAsset - Ramon PausaJr.
Audio - George from Alchemy Audio Design

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