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Friday, 29 June 2012

Anniversary of TDTK! and more update.

Ok, one year ago this time, TDTK was announced and shortly went live on AssetStore.  Thanks to all the support from the community and the awesome tool that Unity is and the wonderful AssetStore, it has become one of the better recognized TD framework on AssetStore. It's been quite a journey. The framework has come a long way from what is it when it's first released. And for me personally, I have certainly learn a lot from developing the framework. And I'm very much looking forward to put more work into it to take it further.

To mark to the occasion, (well, is more of a coincident to be honest) the toolkit has been featured in AssetStore madness sales. But it's not going for the full madness rate of 50% discount, only 30%. I've said before I never wanted to give out huge discount as I think the current price tag as it's is quite reasonable given the content and support I try to provide to every user. And it's not fair for people who pay the full price. But hey, it's one year anniversary of TDTK and I think 30% is quite alright.

Anyway, the latest update of TDTK, v2.0.4 is now live on AssetStore. Well it was actually a few days ago but I got caught up with some other thing and only now I got to make a blog post here. As usual, following are the additions/changes:

  • added ammo count and reload mechanism to turret and directionAOE towers.
  • added range preview for towers in building phase.  
  • added tower preview for PointNBuild build mode, for both UI.cs and UIiOS.cs.  
  • added modifier for creep's move animation to match the movement speed.  
  • added pause menu for UI.cs. Can be triggered by button pressed or 'escape' key.  
  • tower can now be pre-placed in the scene. 
  • small addition to SpawnEditor, time required for each wave to finish spawn in now shown.
    fix bug where modified prefab value using editor is not saved upon unity Editor quit.
  • fix bug where next level turret and base doesn't appear correctly when upgrading towers.  
  • fix bug for editor where when adding new level for towers, the new stats are linked across level.fix several UI related bug.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Input.Touches update v1.1

I'm pleased to announce that Input.Touches has been given a major update. It's a huge change to say the least, almost all of the core code has been reworked. As a result, the library is now support multi-touch, multi-gesture concurrently. Following is the major change/addition in a nutshell:
  • added support for multiple (2 or more) fingers version for most event. These events included tap, long tap, multiple (2 or more) tap, charge, drag.
  • added support for multiple concurrent input event. These events included tap, multi-finger tap, long tap, multi-fingers long tap, multi-tap, multi-finger multi-tap, drag, swipe.
  • swipe event can now be triggered consecutively without needing to lift the triggering finger.
All the events in the previous version is still intact. I've tried to minimize the change to the event API as much as possible.

Following the new update, in theory, one can now make a multiplayer game on i-Pad with multiple touch gesture with Input.Touches. Or indeed, build a complex control scheme using the possible combination of gesture type. Very neat I think. I'm rather pleased with the result. It has certainly took me a lot of effort, a lot more than I initially anticipated. But then I've done a lot more than I initially have in mind. Overall this is a huge improvement over version 1.0. I'm fairly confident that most existing user will agree.

The package is now live on AssetStore. Feel free to post any question or comment on the official support thread.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Catching a little breather

Been busy as hell lately. And very eventful as well. Let me list down the thing that have been on my to-do-list.
  • contract work
  • temporary teaching at uni
  • overseeing 2 iOS projects, courtesy of joint investment with friends.
  • support work for AssetStore's customers.
  • update for Input.Touches
  • update for TDTK
  • personal projects, remember the platfomer?
Did I mention I have a internet breakdown last week for a whole 2 days? Terribly inconvenient, it's like having my keyboard taken away to be honest.

Well, don't feel sorry for me, apart from the internet breakdown bit. The work has been fun. Loving the challenge and the pressure. I don't choose this line of work so I can have many days off. But I certainly wish I'm a time-lord at time like this so I can somehow grant myself more time. Suffice to say I didn't manage to complete all the tasks need doing at this point. But I guess it's ok for me to be here, having just submitted both updates of TDTK and Input.Touches to AssetStore. So expect me to make a post about these two very soon. It feels good to break from the normal routine, not working but just talk about the things I've done. Phew...

I've actually spend a great deal of time reworking almost all aspect of Input.Touches. It's now a much more comprehensive and advance framework. I'll make a post about it when it's finally live. But I hope it lives up to expectation of many of its current user. Yes it's quite well received and it's only fair that I make it as best as it can be.

I've also spent a lot of effort on a contract work. It's a TD game based on TDTK. I'm rather fond of what I've made but unfortunately I can show it just yet. It would nice to showcase what TDTK is capable of, without using colored cubes.

Anyway, it's 4am in the morning. Time to bed. I have a feeling that I will be dreaming of me working on multi-concurrent-touch gesture... whatever that means.  It's all I can think of now, despite my best effort to clear my thoughts.  Thanks work, thanks(!)  >.<

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Alive and Kicking! Sort of...

It's been a while since I've post anything. This is just to say that I'm still alive and more importantly, working. Ya I know this might not excite many people. I'm not really working on a game which many people are anticipating. I certainly hope I do though. But at least I'm working on getting there. It's about full filling an obligation to myself, as well as paying the bills of course.

I have some good news and bad news to both TDTK and Input.Touches users. The good news is I'm working on new updates for both package. Input.Touches in particular would have some major tweak to fix some of its current short-coming. Bad news is the update might not come that soon. The reason being I'm extremely busy with recent personal related event and a series of other stuff. I sincerely apologise for that, it's not my habit to keep things hanging, especially when it concern benefit and welfare of others. 

Also I've also notice that both package has received some decent review recently. I like to thank all the users for supporting and using the packages.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Input.Touches v1.0 Update

I like to thank all the user for supporting Input.Touches. It has received some postive recognition following its featuring on Unity AssetStore madness sales.

Now, an update has been made to the package following feedback and suggestion from users. I've revised almost all of the code to solve the mouse and touch input conflict when running on unity editor with target platform set to iOS or Android. I'll be eager to receive any feedback and comment regarding the new change. I like to thanks Chris Byers for suggesting the possible solution in the first place.

Also along with the new update a bug or two has also been fix. I certainly hope I didn't miss out any. So the full changes in version1.0 are as follow:
  • Code revision, no more platform dependant compilation. Touch and mouse input are now compatible with each other under any circumstances.
  • fix bug where the angle of a swipe is not calculated properly
  • fix bug where onDraggingEnd event doesn't pass the correct touch position when running on device
The latest package has been submited to AssetStore and should be available shortly.

TDTK Update - v2.0.3

A new update for TDTK! again...

This update is relatively small compare to previous. And it's mostly focus on PC and desktop. The most notable being manual targeting and custom cursor. The webdemo has been updated to reflect the change.

The full list of change are as follow:
  • added build and shoot animation support for towers
  • added manual targeting for selected towers
  • added CursorManager, support custom cursor for mouse
  • fix bug for creep pathing
  • fix bug where slow effect doesn’t apply to creep
  • fix bug for UI.cs where level complete/failed message doesn't displayed properly
The update has been upload to Unity AssetStore and is now live.

Thanks for all the users support and feedback.