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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

TDTK2 Development Update

Another Update! Straight to the point:
  • Added SpawnManagerEditor, just to make your life that little bit easier
  • Multi-Path support for single wave SpawnManger
  • Multi-Path support for a single platform
  • Enhanced UI for both iOS and non-iOS platform.
  • Enhanced Path Indicator. They look great! And they are performance friendly!
  • And many other minor improvement over the previous version.
Click here to get a look at the demo with iOS UI. And here for the demo with default UI. It's worth mentioning that TDTK2 is designed with API for building of custom UI. The demo in the UI are just two example UI that come along with the kit, each of them are a single independent script interacting with with the API of various game component.

At this point I'm quite happy with the progress. Most of the major component are done now. The rest are small bits like effects and tweaking here and there. And then documentation of course. It's certainly more polished than the previous version, even at this point. Performance wise, it manage around 30fps on my iPhone4 with the iOS UI demo scene. Still we will see how it fairs with larger level with bigger platform and more tower and unit.

Non-mobile platform UI
SpawnManager Editor
Finalised Tower Editor
Just to be clear again, TDTK2 will be a direct replacement over the previous version on AssetStore. So if you have purchase the current version, you will be eligible for this update. Also I dont plan to adjust the price either.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Annoucing TDTK 2.0

I'm sure this is not a secret. Most people who use or follow the development of TDTK on Unity forum would have known this. I'm currently working on TDTK 2.0 on all my spare time. Which mean whenever I'm not working on a more urgent, paid projects.

Anyway here's the main features in TDTK 2.0 (those that different from 1.x anyway):
  • Fully coded in C#, as request by many.
  • Platform and Grid system are now merged. Plane object are now used as platform and grid system are setup according to each platform size and position and rotation. 
  • Customizable buildable tower on individual platform.
  • Hybrid of waypoint-based and openfield path system. Tower platform can be used as a waypoint in which pathFinder will automatically find suitable path for the creep to navigate through.
  • Path direction indicator (not exactly vital I know but I think it will be handy)
  • Additional tower type, SupporTower. Gives bonus to surroundding tower.
  • TowerEditor window. Just there to make managing tower in scene and editing tower stats easier.
  • General redesign of the framework to provide a more intuitive way to setup things.
  • Code design with API to support custom GUI building.
Unity GameView

Unity SceneView
TowerEditor (WIP)

It's still very hard to say how soon it will be available. There's still plenty to do, rouch edges to trimmed and an entire iOS UI need to be build. Then there's the documentation which I absolutely dreaded to do... oh dear...

Anyway, I hope this looks promissing to anyone who are interested. Any comments, feedback and feature request are welcomed.

Sneak Peak of An Un-named Title

A sneak peak of an iOS game I'm working on. It's reasonably complete so I figure I can show something about it. Screenies...

It's basically a simple vertical running game with the main objective being go as far as you can without hitting any obstacle, while picking up as many bonus and points as you can of course. If anything, it's a more test the water and learning process to iOS publishing.

It's basically a share project with me as the only developer/director. The art work are out-source obviously. Unfortunately the boss haven't thought of a name for this hence the term "unnamed".

We hope to release the game on April. It will be free. But it does come with optional in app purchase. A lite version with upgrade to full version so to speak.

Can't wait to see what's the general reaction to this.