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Friday, 9 October 2015

MechCorp Update (9th October 2015)

Before I start a wall of text, I've uploaded an alpha build. So if you are interested or have time on your hand, please give it a go. I will gladly accept any feedback. So here you go:

If you need some fancy stuff to convince you, take a look at this:

Now we got that out of the way, so what's new in this update. Well, as usual, a couple of a big change and a series of small tweaks, which feels like a lot to be honest.

For a start, a new contract system has been added. These contract will act as the objective in each section. The player complete a contract in one section, then move on to other section to pursue the next contract. The contract varies, some have multiple stages and objective and some are very straight-forward. The spice things up a bit, each of the contract has a set time. The contract is considered failed if it's not completed in time. This should give the player the dilemma to rush or to give the squad time to recover after each battle.
Then there's the new system where player can assembly their own mech, provided they have the blue print for the mech. The blue print can only be obtain via random encounter through exploration.  Building new mech will also require parts, which can be collected from various source. So instead of purchasing new mech from the shop at a cut throat price, there's another alternative.

Repair system has been changed as well. The player can choose to repair damaged mech at any time for a fee. However it takes time to do the repair and mechs going through repair cannot be deployed for battle.
Other than that, the main UI flow has been overhaul some what, to give the player more sense of traveling to another location and make a stop. Each location has random job listing, which are basically one off battle player can choose to engage in for various reward. Finally, player can now dock in station for a fee to past the time. This serve as a way to rest the crew to boost morale as well as waiting for the mechs to be repaired.
So basically these are the major changes. Now if you haven't give the demo a go. Do it now!  :)