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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

PathFinder Version1.0

PathFinder is now it on Unity AssetStore!

 So here's feature in current version:
  •  A* Path-finding algorithm
  •  GridGraph Generator applicable in just about any terrain
  •  Line-Graph Generator based on user hand-place waypoint
  •  Configurable parameter to fine-tune the grah
  •  Queue based path-finding call so no lag spike
The package is designed to be flexible, robust and easy to use. Feel free to try out the both demo with custom environment and smooth terrain. Also the link to the documentation.

Here's the link to the Unity AssetStore

Friday, 14 October 2011

TDTK v1.2.3 (fix and minor improvement)

Following the release of version 1.2.2. I found one or two nasty bug, with the newly added open-field gameplay mode off course.

In version 1.2.2, the spawner call the path finding and store the path. The creep never find they own way, instead they relied on their respective spawner to pass them the path. A recipe for disaster, when the circumstance is right.

With version 1.2.3, each creep call the pathfinder to find their individual path. To avoid lag spike when every creep call the pathfinder at the same time, a queue has been setup for the calls. So essentially one pathFinder component can handle all the creep and spawner in the scene. Less memory usage too. There may be a slight delay for the creep if the queue is long but most of the time is hardly noticeable.

The new version has also change the basic way a creep move. This fixes a bug where the creep stray off path and never recover if the waypoint is missed, somehow, most of the time due to a lag spike.

Anyway, version 1.2.3 is now available on Unity AssetStore. Here's a demo WebPlayer if anyone's interested.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Spot the Difference in 3D

Finally I've been able to bring this to light. It was a contracted confidential project I worked on and I've only got permission to showcase it lately. It's not something ground breaking but at least it's a stand alone mini-game with purpose. It's made for a research project therefore some of the details might not work exactly like a normal game.

The notable feature of the game is it uses uniTUIO library to enable input custom made tuio interface. It is compatible with mouse and keyboard input as well as multi-touch input to manipulate the object in 3D space, which includes select, rotate, translate and zoom. It also feature dual language, English and Japanese (the research project is run by a Japanese University).

Since I wrap up the development 2/3 months back, another coder has taken it and port it to android platform. Here's the link to the app:

Here's a lit of other people who have also contributed to this project apart from me:

Project Coordinator and Model Selection: William Widjaja
ScoreBoard and Android Porting: Sérgio Nunes
2D Artwork: Betty 

Sunday, 2 October 2011

TDTK v1.2 Released!

Announcing the release of TDTK v1.2! The package has been submitted to the unity AssetStore and should be available very soon.

As posted before the latest addition would be the open-field gameplay. Feature in this version is a auto-navigation node generator and an A* path-finding component as seen in my PathFinder Project. Which could be extracted and used in other project with some modification.

The new game mode is rather easy to setup, Just define the area of the "field" with the node generator, the spawn point and destination point for creep and everything will be taken care of. You can try out the new example levels which are included in the package with this demo here.