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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

PathFinder Version1.0

PathFinder is now it on Unity AssetStore!

 So here's feature in current version:
  •  A* Path-finding algorithm
  •  GridGraph Generator applicable in just about any terrain
  •  Line-Graph Generator based on user hand-place waypoint
  •  Configurable parameter to fine-tune the grah
  •  Queue based path-finding call so no lag spike
The package is designed to be flexible, robust and easy to use. Feel free to try out the both demo with custom environment and smooth terrain. Also the link to the documentation.

Here's the link to the Unity AssetStore


  1. This asset Can used in field with a story?
    For example,two-story house.

  2. Unfortunately at this point multi-storey grid is not supported yet. I don't really have plans to add that in the near future. Sorry to disappoint.

  3. I look for another asset.
    Thank you.

  4. very nice!
    one question before i buy: does it work well on ios/android?


  5. The main path-finding component is iOS and android compatible. It's the same framework used in TDTK. However it's not heavily tested for performance when using a large grid such as the one in the demo scene.

    Another thing is I just got a feedback from user stating that there's some problem with the example script when compiling for iOS. But I've got that fixed so it shouldn't be a problem. Should you made a purchase and have problem with it, please let me know.

  6. Hi, just purchased this pathfinder and ran into this:- Assets/ExampleScripts/Patrol.js(58,96): BCE0051: Operator '-' cannot be used with a left hand side of type 'Object' and a right hand side of type 'UnityEngine.Vector3'. Also this:-Assets/ExampleScripts/RTSUnit.js(36,33): BCE0004: Ambiguous referance 'LookAt': UnityEngine.Transform.LookAt(UnityEngine.Vector3), UnityEngine.Transform.LookAt(UnityEngine.Transform).

  7. That is a known issue when the target platform is switched to iOS. I didnt expect the package to be used on iOS.

    I have made a fix but I havent upload it to AssetStore fearing it will mess up the discounted price setting (I once have ran into that problem with other package).

    Please drop me a line with your email so I can send the fix directly to you.

  8. What type of grid does this pathfinder support? I'm building a game with Hex grids and wrote my own A* implementation. It works but you probably put more time into debugging so I would like to use your implementation if it works with Hex grids.