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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

TDTK nGUI preview

It has been relatively quiet since the release of v2.1. Not sure what that means, I was expecting a lot feedbacks, tweak requests and bug reports. I can only hope this mean most user haven't got much problem with the new additions and are relatively happy with it.

Anyway, I've been working on nGUI UI since releasing v2.1. It's not complete but it's almost there. And I figure it's time I can show the world a preview. So here you go:


So yea, it's pretty obvious that I'm try to match to the TDTK default UI. Pretty much all the configurable are still there. It support both PointNBuild and DragNDrop mode, multiple resource display, pause function and even volume control. It certain looks a bit cooler thanks to the the interactive nature of nGUI. 

However the short coming is it's not as flexible as the default UI. It require a certain amount of setup before it's ready to go. Things like configuring the atlas to include the tower icons for the build button, resource display, such and such. Still I managed to get the build button to be generated dynamically based on the towers assigned in BuildManager. In short, there's no complicated or tedious procedure to configure the build button to fit each towers apart from adding those tower icon to the atlas being used.

Well, that's pretty much the progress I have so far. I hope to get it done and release it asap. Hopefully sometime around or before this weekend.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A Summary of July

It's been a fairly quiet month for me, at least on the blog. I really like to post more regularly and I should have. I have make a habit of only posting updates of anything when they are official when I should have make post about the development along the way. 

For instance I've spent lots of time working on version2.1 of TDTK. Never mind the documentation which took me an awful lot of time, the addition of some of the new features is not exactly a walk in the park either in term of the thinking process. In the past, all the elements has been fairly well established or straight-forward concept in a TD game, such as splitting creeps, multi-pathing etc... However when it comes to creep to tower attack, there hasn't been a solid example that I can compared against and work towards that particular model, except Plant vs Zombies. I'm sure there are more but somehow that's the only game I think think of. As a result there are a lot of experimenting going on. To be brutally honest, I don't expect all the new addition will be very well thought out for the release. I'm counting on the community to provide me feedback and ideas to make it better in future update.

Back to the topic, most of my time has been occupied by little trivial things in life so I haven't been quite productive as I used to be. Still I'm glad that I'm still able to make updates to Input.Touches and TDTK, while working on a contract. I really hope I can shed more lights about the contract work but I'm afraid it's not the right time yet. The only thing I can say is, it's a lot of work and it's a pain in the ass at time. But still, it's a much appreciated opportunity.

Also the company that I was working on with a friend has completely fall flat on its face, having only release one game on AppStore. Turn out it's extremely hard to outsource any development work at on a small budget. We have been through some horror story doing that. And it really broke my heart with some of the attitude I've seen by some of the individuals calling themselves game developer. But that's a story for another time. So yea so one of the stuff that occupied me this month is to cleaning up the mess following this aftermath.

At least both Input.Touches and TDTK has been doing reasonably well on AssetStore following the madness sales. The positive feedback I got is really the key for me to keep working on and improve them. I really want to express my gratitude to those who has been actively helping me on these package, as well as all those who has supported the work by making a purchase.

All in all, a fairly decent month. Consider the fact that I'm still here and got a contract to keep my ass covered for at least a few months to come. Perhaps I should take this opportunity and just accept the fact that it's summer and I should relax a bit and have some down time.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Input.Touches v1.1.2

Just a quick note that Input.Touches has got a new update and is now live on Unity AssetStore. In fact, 2 days ago. And yes, this is a very very late post. So here's the update note:

General Change: 
  • documentation overhaul.
Bug Fixes:
  • releasing finger on mobile device no longer triggered a spike in onDraggingE and onDraggingEnd
  • pre-made gesture prefab is no longer missing BasicDetector.cs

So yes, nothing major to be honest, except on the documentation. Thanks to DannyB who did the proof-reading and the formatting template from Lance, the documentation is now indeed up to a professional standard, or so I hope. I really appreciate the help as I couldn't have possibly done it on my own. I'm absolutely hopeless when it comes to matter like this.

Also I like to thank all the support which contribute to the relative success of the package. And thanks for all those who have put in kind review for the package.

TDTK v2.1 - unleashed the horde!!

Finally I think I've done enough to warrant a release for all the new stuff I added in. It's now being uploaded to AssetStore and awaiting approval. To be honest, there are still plenty of cool and interesting stuff I really like to try. For instance, general tech tree, branching upgrade for towers, etc.. But I'm afraid that could mean another few years of waiting time before release.

Anyhow, there's a bunch new additions in this update. Here's the full list:

  • Added component which allows UnitCreep to attack tower or buff nearby creeps.
  • Various behaviour can be set for attacking creep such as range/melee, stop-while-attack or else, etc.
  • new targeting configurable parameters for tower which uses direct targeting.
  • The new tower targeting option include area(all-around, fov, straightline) and priority(nearest, toughest, weakest, random). New range indicator support has been added for new added targeting area.
  • Added shield for both tower and unit, which can be regenerated over time. Overlay support included.
  • support tower/creep can now 'heal' damaged tower/creep.
  • added new rotation mechanism to TurretTower where turret turn in y-axis while barrel turn in x-axis.
  • change camera zoom-limit limitation and y-axis positioning clamp.
  • add option to enable/disable tile/selection indicator.
  • UI.cs now no longer use GameMessage.cs, and thus the appearance of game-message can be configure via GUISkin.
  • tower base now support fire animation.
  • Path.cs has not been change to PathTD.cs.
  • Added new example scene and prefabs.
  • Major overhaul on Documentation. Thanks for Lance.M.

bug fix
  • fix bug where tower cant be build on active path on platform when path-smoothing is disable.
  • fix bug where spawnEditor reset SpawnMode back to continuous.
  • fix bug where projectile trajectory's angle doesn't calculate properly with respect to distance.
  • fix bug where overlay is not displayed properly when the parent unit scale is not set to 0.5.
  • fix bug where platform size will not be correctly auto-adjust when placed as child object where parent scale is not (1, 1, 1).
  • fix bug where creep spawned by destroyed creep resetting the path instead of follow it through, again.

Here's the new updated web demo. There's a plant vs zombie ripped off there. :)

On a serious note, there's a lot of novel element, or rather not quite established element in this version. At least in term of tower defence such as creep to tower attack. So I expect it wont be as well thought out as those features in previous version. Also I'm expecting unforeseen bugs with all those new addition. I apologize for any short-sighted implementation in this update. With that said, any comment and feedback to welcomed. I'll try my best to iron out the rough edges in future updates.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

InputTouches v1.1.1 released

Just a quick annoucement that update version1.1.1 is now live on AssetStore. The changes in the new update are as followed:
  • fix bug where onSwipeStartE, onSwipingE and onSwipeEndE events wouldnt fire
  • fix bug but with 2 fingers rotate (twist)
  • added smoothing configuration to 2 fingers rotate (twist)
  • fix error description on documentation, specifically for charge related events
  • added two new mini-game demos, turret and flick-shoot
Some of it are rather critical game breaking bug that shouldn't have happen in the first place. I admit it's my error. I so hopelessly careless. I hope that doesn't cause anyone a serious amount of head-scratching or worse, disappointment over the functionality of the package.

On the brighter side, the 2 new mini games would serve as a very good starting point for some simple game, using the input gesture supported by the library. Both are turret game but uses very different mechanic.