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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

TDTK v2.1 - unleashed the horde!!

Finally I think I've done enough to warrant a release for all the new stuff I added in. It's now being uploaded to AssetStore and awaiting approval. To be honest, there are still plenty of cool and interesting stuff I really like to try. For instance, general tech tree, branching upgrade for towers, etc.. But I'm afraid that could mean another few years of waiting time before release.

Anyhow, there's a bunch new additions in this update. Here's the full list:

  • Added component which allows UnitCreep to attack tower or buff nearby creeps.
  • Various behaviour can be set for attacking creep such as range/melee, stop-while-attack or else, etc.
  • new targeting configurable parameters for tower which uses direct targeting.
  • The new tower targeting option include area(all-around, fov, straightline) and priority(nearest, toughest, weakest, random). New range indicator support has been added for new added targeting area.
  • Added shield for both tower and unit, which can be regenerated over time. Overlay support included.
  • support tower/creep can now 'heal' damaged tower/creep.
  • added new rotation mechanism to TurretTower where turret turn in y-axis while barrel turn in x-axis.
  • change camera zoom-limit limitation and y-axis positioning clamp.
  • add option to enable/disable tile/selection indicator.
  • UI.cs now no longer use GameMessage.cs, and thus the appearance of game-message can be configure via GUISkin.
  • tower base now support fire animation.
  • Path.cs has not been change to PathTD.cs.
  • Added new example scene and prefabs.
  • Major overhaul on Documentation. Thanks for Lance.M.

bug fix
  • fix bug where tower cant be build on active path on platform when path-smoothing is disable.
  • fix bug where spawnEditor reset SpawnMode back to continuous.
  • fix bug where projectile trajectory's angle doesn't calculate properly with respect to distance.
  • fix bug where overlay is not displayed properly when the parent unit scale is not set to 0.5.
  • fix bug where platform size will not be correctly auto-adjust when placed as child object where parent scale is not (1, 1, 1).
  • fix bug where creep spawned by destroyed creep resetting the path instead of follow it through, again.

Here's the new updated web demo. There's a plant vs zombie ripped off there. :)

On a serious note, there's a lot of novel element, or rather not quite established element in this version. At least in term of tower defence such as creep to tower attack. So I expect it wont be as well thought out as those features in previous version. Also I'm expecting unforeseen bugs with all those new addition. I apologize for any short-sighted implementation in this update. With that said, any comment and feedback to welcomed. I'll try my best to iron out the rough edges in future updates.


  1. Hi. Sounds like a nice release. I do have two questions. How do i get the upgrade? and is there a cost associated with it (i believe my version is 2.04)?

    Ok - three questions (and this reflects my ignornance of the unity store)- is there a download package associated with the tdk? in case i need to reload the software.



  2. Hi Joe,

    To answer your question:

    1. You can simply re-download it again from AssetStore. Instead of 2.0.4, you will get the latest version.

    2. It's free. Once you have purchase a package on the AssetStore. You are eligible for all future updates.

    3. Not sure what's your question. But you can always download/redownload the latest version of the package you bought from AssetStore without any limit I believe.

  3. The demo of this version is broken. Says to download the unity webplayer but I already have it.

  4. Thanks for letting me know. Are you using the latest version of webplayer plugin? I hvae no problem here.