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Friday, 27 November 2015

Coming Soon...

Taking a break from MechCorp, I've been working on something new (you can probably tell from the gif above), a toolkit about top down shooter, fittingly name TopDownShooter-ToolKit (very original I've no doubt).

Now I'm not going to shed all the detail here until it's done.This is just a quick post about what's coming.

Like TBTK and TDTK, this new toolkit is aim to allow building of as many kind of top down shooter gameplay as possible. User can build custom unit, weapons, abilities, collectibles of their own within a reasonable confine. The toolkit should accommodate most of the gameplay mechanic found in typical design.

Unlike TDTK and TBTK, the structure of the new toolkit is a lot more free form and open ended. It support a variety of objectives for each level. It also comes with various utility tool for level design to create various set piece. I have to say, I've lost count of time I end up play instead of testing the demo scene. It's quite fun! I can sure see myself working on this for a long time to come, there's so much potentially fun stuff I can add with this one.

Personally, I find the most satisfaction in the coding. Which is a lot more better than my past work. Now that I've done that. The OCD in me is urging me to go back and revise TBTK and TDTK with the new improvement I've made.

At the moment, I'm polishing stuff up and working on the documentation. If you are still guessing, yes this is coming to AssetStore, unless it's rejected for whatever reason. Until then, enjoy these sneak peak.

Timed survival in arena - taken from one of the demo scene
Some of the editors, perhaps you can tell what feature are supported from these
Endless side scroller, checked.