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Monday, 23 December 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy shopping!

So a new TBTK update has just been released and Christmas is approaching. The only thing I'm missing is to join the sales frenzy that is happening everywhere.

With that, I'm doing a Christmas/New Year sales on AssetStore which starts today until the new year. Most of my package on AssetStore will have their price reduced for a few days. Here they are:

So get it on the double. Spread the word too. Spoiler: the next sale, if there's any, will be at least a good few months away.

Merry Christmas!

TBTK Update (v1.0.5) - Build the Wall!

Another update of TBTK is up. Didn't expect it to happen so soon after the last update, but here it's. 

For this release, I've added a editable wall system. It works very much like the obstacle system, only that it's between two adjacent tile. And of course, it's compatible with the cover and fog-of-war system.

Apart from that, the less noticeable update would be the overhaul of the effect duration tracking. Now it should make more sense to each different turn mode. It used to be based on round completely so faction which use an ability towards the end of the round will find the effect last much shorter. The new code keep tracks of the turn cycle between each faction so no faction will gain any advantage.

So in short, here are the new stuff:

  • added wall system, now support wall between adjacent tile
  • new wall system is integrated to existing cover and line-of-sight system
  • duration tracking for various ability/collectible effect has been reworked
  • SelfDestruct script has been updated to work in tandem with the new duration tracking
  • added support for manual faction's color assignment

     bug fix
  • fix a few editor bug with grid/unit generation
  • fix some bug with unit-abilities
  • fix bug where abilities duration doesnt work correctly when using turn-mode that isnt round based

Friday, 13 December 2013

A New Project, about Mechs...

Finally I've successfully rid myself of the time black hole that is civV and really do some work. And I'm very happy to show off my new venture, which I named Mech-Corp at the moment. Like I said in previous post, this is like FTL meets XCom, inspired by Mech-Commander. Obviously it's a sci-fi setting in the future. Basically you control a ship travelling from point to point taking on various jobs. The goal? to build a squad of awesome mechs, or simple earn enough money to survive the day to day grind to get to the end of the story arc, if there's a story arc.

I've spent a great deal of time over the past few weeks putting together a barely functional early build. I spent even longer amount of time to put together various idea that shaped the build as it's now. The act of trying to juggling several game play element into a coherent and slick presentation is an incredibly difficult and time-consuming task. Well for me at least. It's unfortunately I don't think the demo is ready at this point. So I'll just show a bunch of screen-shots instead. 

It's still pretty rough around the edges, especially when you look at the untextured mech model and the place-holder icon. But it should show the core idea. There are a lot of features that I yet to implement. The pilot system, item and mech modification, perks/upgrades and progression, the procedural world generation system, procedural event generation, TBTK integration... I wouldn't go on and elaborate all the details at this point. I got a feeling that I'll have plenty change of heart as I go along. To be honest, I'm not sure if it's too ambitious for a one man project. But if FTL can be done by 2 persons, why not?

One thing for sure tho, I will be working on this for the foreseeable future. I know I've got some project that never got finished and are collecting dust now. But I'm determined to get this one done. So now this is online, let the internet hold me to my words.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Status Update (Civ5 is addictive as hell!!)

So I've been working on a new project on my spare time. Correction, so I've been playing civilization5 all the time. I have no idea how on earth I still manage to find time to do some work each day. I'm pretty sure I've spend way more time than I should have on it. The problem is the game is so darn additive. I started on Friday evening. 'Just one evening', I said. Before I know it, it's Monday morning and I cant feel anything below my waist, I have to pick one of my eyes up from my desk...  Now, I'm terrified just at the thought of booting it up.

It's a strange feeling. In the game, I raise civilisation span thousands of years, shape history, build wonders. I feel like I have contribute so much for the humanity. But in real life, I'm actually wasting a lot of time, doing the most worthless thing I can do with my time. Still, it's hands down one of the most entertaining and educational game of all time.

Anyway, I'm indeed working on a new project. It's sort of a XCom, FTL hybrid turn based game. Yes, TBTK will be the core component. And yes, this is what TBTK is intended for all long. AssetStore is just an after thought. Well, a very early after thought. If you have been following this blog, you will remember that I've been posting image about some mech model. And so you might have guess this new project will have mech. You are absolutely right. I'm building an army of mech. Normally at this point, people will show a bunch of concept art about the mech design. But I'm going to skip that and show the actual model instead. So this is a taste of what to come:


These are not all of course. But the rest will have to wait. I'd love to show some game screen, or even a playable prototype. Unfortunately none of that is ready. But if I manage to stay off civ5 long enough, I should be able to put something together. Hopefully I 'll get to talk about that soon.