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Friday, 28 March 2014

TDTK Update (v2.2.5f3)

A minor update has just gone live on AssetStore. A fairly small update compare to the usual one really. I guess it's understandable given that the last update was only 3 weeks ago.

Anyway here's what going on in the update:

Version Change – v2.2.5f3
  • add support for damage (when creep is attacked) and resource gained (when creep is killed) overlay
  • add min-max damage range to towers, as opposed to just 1 fix value
  • add min-max resource gain for killing creep, as opposed to just 1 fix value
  • improve scanning mechanic of straight-line targeting so it's more robust

bug fix
  • fix bug where support adjacent tower buff stops working when a tower is upgraded
  • fix a few error in demo scene
  • fix some creep-editor bug where target point cannot be assigned
  • fix a bug for TurretTower where a lengthy animation could cause error in targeting.

TBTK Update (v1.0.7)

So I've updated TBTK a few days ago. With this update the vertical component for the grid is finally in place. let me explain what is it all about.

The grid can now be fit to a terrain/scene that has height variation. The system is pretty flexible imo, any collider with the designated layer can act as the terrain. The tile will adjust itself so it fits just above the terrain, in a perfectly horizontal manner. You can specify the minimum height difference required across the tiles to be considered of different level. I've design the system with XCom:EnemyUnknown in mind. So it works best when the level has a very well defined height level without too much slope. It still works with slope of course, but unless the tile size is relatively small compare to the elevation, the tile may seems partially sink into the terrain. In that case, some manually adjustment might be needed.

The height difference across different tiles will affect the gameplay in the sense that moving across tiles with different height will cost movement point. The bigger the height difference is, the bigger the cost. Also unit attack from higher ground will gain a bonus in hit-chance. On the other hand, any attack made from lower ground will suffer a hit penalty. The value of the movement cost and the hit bonus/penalty can be configured of course.

You can probably tell from the image that all the existing feature work with the new height element. Terrain can be used as cover if desired (just slap a Obstacle component on it) and will block line of sight when fog-of-war is enabled. Obstacle object can be place on any tile of any height. Walls can be used to block of adjacent tiles with height difference to create a cliff face.

The only thing I might left out is the movement and animation. There's no special animation movement pattern support for movement. The way I see it, there's no one size fits all solution for this due to the fact that the model of the unit can be anything and each can require a very different movement pattern and animation code. I'll just wait and see what's the user comment on this.

Apart from the vertical component, I've also tweak quite a lot of the internal working in hope of optimizing/improving the framework, and the bug fixes of course. They full change log is as follow:

Version Change – v1.0.7
  • change the way grid info is serialized which should improve grid generation time and grid limit
  • added height component to the grid (see example scene – ExHeightComponent)
  • optimized the AI code so it's more modular and easy to work with.
  • improve a few things about how ShootObject works
  • added effect type 'damage reduction' to unit ability

bug fix
  • spawn unit will now work with ability that “shoots”
  • ability with shootObject will now shoot towards their target (both unit or tile) instead of just tile
  • using ability no longer reduce the attack count available on a unit in the turn
  • fix bug where AI unit with movement disabled will not attack
  • fix bug where all attack never missed

Monday, 24 March 2014

MechCorp Asset Update (24th March 2014)

I know my update has been slow lately. Been trying to work on MechCrop as much as I can, while keeping up with the support and update of TDTK and TBTK. It doesn't help that I got sick for a few days. 

MechCorp has taken quite a leap. I've give the most of the game element a lot of thoughts and redesign, mech customisation, combat system, UI, etc... I thought I've done a lot but there's still so much more to do. I guess I will talk about it when everything has come together. Anyway here's some new mechs and weapons model.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Monday, 3 March 2014

TDTK Update and WIP for TBTK

So another update for TDTK (v2.2.5f2) has just gone live on AssetStore. It's not much of an update really. Just bunch of bug fixes and some minute changes. And they are listed as below, please note that some very minor stuff are not listed:
  • made some changes to ObjectPoolManager, unrecognised/new object requested to be spawned without initiation will be added to the pools
  • fix a bug with default UI where certain screen area become non-responsive to cursor input after a tower has been selected
  • fix bug on resource editor where the data wont load/save properly
  • fix bug on tower editor where damage over time setting doesn't work
  • fix bug and improves menu extension regarding adding UI or NGUI to a scene
  • fix bug on SpawnManager where it throws up error in some case when set to auto-generate wave

Now that is out of the way, I can shed some light on things I'm working on for TBTK. If you are familiar with TBTK, You can probably tell what it's from the screen shot below.

Yes it's vertical component for the grid. It's functional but I'm not sure how well this will go down when released. It's rather primitive imo. Still, I'm pretty pleased at how well it works with the existing line of sight and cover system. So that's that. I'll be giving more details when it's released. Finally, expect an update for TBTK soon!