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Monday, 3 March 2014

TDTK Update and WIP for TBTK

So another update for TDTK (v2.2.5f2) has just gone live on AssetStore. It's not much of an update really. Just bunch of bug fixes and some minute changes. And they are listed as below, please note that some very minor stuff are not listed:
  • made some changes to ObjectPoolManager, unrecognised/new object requested to be spawned without initiation will be added to the pools
  • fix a bug with default UI where certain screen area become non-responsive to cursor input after a tower has been selected
  • fix bug on resource editor where the data wont load/save properly
  • fix bug on tower editor where damage over time setting doesn't work
  • fix bug and improves menu extension regarding adding UI or NGUI to a scene
  • fix bug on SpawnManager where it throws up error in some case when set to auto-generate wave

Now that is out of the way, I can shed some light on things I'm working on for TBTK. If you are familiar with TBTK, You can probably tell what it's from the screen shot below.

Yes it's vertical component for the grid. It's functional but I'm not sure how well this will go down when released. It's rather primitive imo. Still, I'm pretty pleased at how well it works with the existing line of sight and cover system. So that's that. I'll be giving more details when it's released. Finally, expect an update for TBTK soon!

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  1. Hi, could u please sell me this kit for 35$, i dont have enough money=(