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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Hotfix for TDTK 2.0.2

Following the release of v2.0.2 I have found a few more bugs with the toolkit, mostly the new feature related. I have since made and upload the hotfix to AssetStore. Twice if I'm honest. That's how careless I can be sometime. Find myself leaving some logic error in the submitted version just after I made the submission.

So a quick look at the bug fix of v2.0.2h:
  • fix bug where wave would not register as cleared correctly.
  • fix bug where creep spawned by destroyed creep not follow thought the path taken correctly
  • fix bug where tower only appear partially transparent when dragged in DrapNDrop mode

By the way, the "buy TDTK" on the right side of the screen is exactly what you think it's. It's a directly purchase of TDTK via my Paypal. It's slightly cheaper than AssetStore purchase. For the discount, a slight penalty is it's not as convenient Unity AssetStore importer. But you will are still entitled to all the update just like it's in AssetStore. You will be add to my mailing list so I could inform you of any updates.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

TDTK v2.0.2 update

The latest update of TDTK, with lots of bug fixes and a few new additions.

The new features are actually quite cool. The first new feature are creep ability to spawn creep when killed. A feature I have always want to add but somehow it keep escaping my thought when I'm working. So now you can have a big boss creep that spawn a bunch of smaller creeps, which will then spawn another bunch of smaller creeps and it goes on. Of course, the unit to spawned and the number to spawned is configurable.

The next feature are dynamic waypoints. Very simple conceprt really. Instead of a fixed waypoint, creep randomly follow the waypoint with a slight offset. In short, the creep will no longer stick in a queue and follow each other. The placement and formation of creep seems a lot more natural and less boring with this.  I'm very very pleased with this. However please note that there's a limitation to this, be sure to read the ducomentation regarding how to use this.

Dynamic Waypoint in action, and guess wat's the orange color bigger creep does.

To see this two new feature in action, check out this updated webplayer demo.

Oh, I've also tweaked the camera as well. Adding dual finger camera rotation for iOS as well as improve the zoom input. The full list of the change in this update are listed as follow:
  • fix bug where TurretTower won't shoot when there's no turretObject assigned.
  • fix bug where tower will target a creep even when it's destroyed.
  • fix bug where GameControl will always auto initiate AudioManager and override user created AudioManager.
  • fix bug with editor for GameControl and SpawnManager.
  • fix bug for tower editor where TurretAnimateMode doesnt assigned properly.
  • fix bug where creep will replay death animation when hit after they are destroyed.
  • fix bug where override speed value in SpawnEditor doesn't take effect.
  • Added option for dynamic waypoint, randomise creep position along the path in some extent. Make group of creeps movement and placement more natural. The parameter can be turned on/off or adjusted using “Dynamic WP” in Path.cs.
  • Added option for creeps to spawn more creep upon destroyed. Configurable in UnitCreep.cs.
  • Added camera rotation for iOS, configurable in CameraControl.cs.
  • pinch-zooming in iOS has been reworked and now work more consistently.

In case you are not an existing user of TDTK and interested in getting it, here's the link to AssetStore. Alternatively you could contact me directly, a discount might apply I might add. :)

Thursday, 10 May 2012

I are game developer. Can I haz cake?

I have been busy as hell recently. And I expect things will stay the same in the coming months. Blame myself for being too greedy, always want to try out interesting concept and take on new challenge. I never thought myself could be such workaholic until I start using Unity.

But complaining about how busy I'm is not the reason I'm here writing this post. Hell I'll be better off working rather than spent the precious time complaining. Or indeed play some games, which I'm ashamed to say that I haven't done so for quite sometime. I mean really sit down and play for a few hours. I've always believe that a game developer that doesn't play game will never make great game. It's just like a cook that doesn't like eating couldn't possibly be a great cook.

The reason I'm writing this, is that it's fast approaching one anniversary of me starting to work as a freelance game developer officially. Yes I got my first job around this day last year, for $100. I feel like I should really share my story. Who knows it maybe an inspiration for any eager young blood. Or at the very least it will serve as a warning.

So my story as a game developer in a nutshell. Tough! It's certainly not easy at all. I work almost non stop and that's the easy bit. The harder part is to endure the financial difficulty. And trust me I have been through some very stressing financial situation. I was earning $500 or so during the first few months. That was like £300. Trust me, it's a very puny amount when you are living in UK. How my parent always say study hard so you can get a job with good prospect. A year ago this time, I've just past my PhD viva. To others, I might have just earn my passport to any job I want. But the truth is no where near. Anyway that's another story. The point is I've op for a career path that is frankly not very promising and a millions miles away from what I've been doing academically.
I really appreciate those who have gave me the opportunity to prove myself when I was a newbie, unproven and with no experience. Of course I did work very hard to impress. I often work 3 hours for the pay of one, at my own will. I will go the extra mile whenever I can, without being told. All this regardless of the pay. Still, there are time where there is simply no work available. I filled the hours, in fact I filled every hour that I can spare, including my gaming time to work on my own project. Some of them you seen on this blog, some... I hope that one day I will be picking them up again. The problem is I'm simply not adept at 3D modelling, something those project of mine desperately need. It doesn't help that I don't have artist that I could work with. Despite my regular visiting to unity forum. I have yet to meet a decent artist and willing commit their precious time. I know this is largly because I'm very fussy but I simply refuse to let my work turn into some mix quality product.

I should make clear here that I hold one principal for my work, do my best, and it should be driven by heart and soul, not financial gain. I consider game developing an art-form, as such they should be a work of passion. Every game is a piece of art work, a brain child of a game designer. No less than a movie to a director, a piece of music to an composer. The highest reward you can get from game developing should be the enjoyment of playing the game. Of course money is a factor and no doubt a good game will most probably sell, even it it's not better than some soulless junk out there. Yes I'm quite upset at the current state of the gaming industry both as a gamer and developer. The only decent studio whose sole objective is not to milk their consumer seems to be CDProjekt. I have maximum respect for them and I absolutely adore Witcher2, a true RPG for pc. unlike some others... Skyrim interface *cough*

Gone slightly off topic there. But a word of advise to anyone intend to start making games. Get a friend or two who can do things that you cant, and learn to do things that they cant, a little help from each other can help you go far. Alternatively you can learn to do everything yourself and forever be alone. Yes it's quite lonely doing this. Especially when no one shares your ideal.

So I've started off as a freelancer, coding for others, slowly crawling my way up to become a game developer. Thanks to a year long of determination and some luck, my situation has improved. Partly due to the relatively success of TDTK. And partly due to the fact that I now have a much more convincing port-folio. Also well done job with satisfied customer goes along way.  I'm still doing freelance work though, whenever I think I can manage it. Just because it's interesting to help others and I love a new challenge. Ok, the money helps too. I wont consider myself a game developer yet, not until I have a pc title under my name. Yes I'm not a fan of console. If you ask me they are the reason why the industry is in it's current state. And it's no secret I'm not a fan for mobile platform either.

Off topic again. So the long term plan is to gather enough resource, gather the right people and get myself into a right position where I can really start making games that I love. With no compromise to financial restriction, no worries about financial returns, just games that I can truly be proud of. The road is still very very long. And just in case you are wandering where am I, I would say I've just taken the first step. Annoyingly financial status is again the key factor for me to say that. Despite being better than when I first started, I'm definitely not loaded yet. My average income is just about enough to cover my basic living expenses, and I do mean "basic", probably more basic than average people. So go figure.

So here I'm, I could be working as an engineer or hell even a lecturer in a university and lead an luxurious life, with plenty to spare in pocket. But I've choose this over anything else. For one very simple reason. I love it! I love the challenge, I love being able to create something enjoyable, and it's damn satisfying watching something you work really hard slowly coming together. Also, coding is just so much fun. I can make cool stuff happen with a few lines of code. It's so simple it's magic! It's quite simply, perfection.

That pretty much sums up the reason why I'm doing this, the seeking of perfection, in the form of gaming.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Project Unibot

I think it's about time I show this. Something that I've been working on since... well a long time ago. Unfortunately I have to shelve it in order to focus my effort on some other stuff, TDTK and DashMonster *cough*. Only for the past week I manage to find sometime to work on it. Anyway, I present my little platformer, temporarily named Project UniBot.

It's meant to be a simple and fun platfomer, something Mario like. As you might imagine, this is meant for iOS. Sometime I wonder why everything I ever made has to be tagged with iOS when I personally hate playing or indeed developing iOS game. But hey, no harm make it playable on PC.

You can't make a post shouting about some work with just an image. So with this post I shall include a demo webplayer for this cute little game. I think this is the first webplayer demo on this blog that resemble a real playable game. Not the usual showcase stuff that I made for TDTK and others. I hope you enjoy it. Do give me comment and feedback about it, positive or negative. It's always a treat. I'll say that although it looks very simplistic, I can assure you that it has gone through many iteration of modification to reach this point.

By the way, I'm very fond of the art and theme, all designed by Mr Fabian Schmidt aka acumen on unity forum. All credit goes to him for the artwork.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My first iOS game

Finally it's live on AppStore. About bloody damn time!

My first iOS title, curiously named Dash Monster! Dont ask me, my partner decided the name.

I know it's the same screen used in previous post
It's no really a serious, gamers' sort of game. It's a very casual game indeed. At any rate, it's free, so please do me a favour and download it! Who knows you might enjoy it. Oh do keeps the comment and feedback coming. A rating on the AppStore would be much appreciated. I don't expect loads of positive from it but oh hell.

I have to complaint about this. It took us three weeks to get approval from apple! All because a stupid reviewer who is either dumb or couldn't understand English. The idiots keeps on saying that the app need in app purchase integration to support the game message which prompt user to get full version. If only he bother to press the yes button during the message prompt or check google translate on what I explained to him. Jezz...

Anyway, this is just a learning process and the first step towards many to come. I promise the next game (which is designed entirely by me) is gonna be better.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Minor Update for TDTK2

Well it certainly happen sooner than I expected. A new update for TDTK2. Version2.0.1 have just been submitted to Unity AssetStore.

The changes made are as follow:
  • fix “UI” gameObject error (missing child object) in exampleScene1 and exampleScene2.
  • fix bug where wave clear event wont launch if the last creep unit is kill instantly after spawned.
  • fix bug where tower cant be upgraded beyond level 2.
  • fix bug where default platform object with unspecified build-able tower doesn't support mine.
  • fix bug on UIiOS where wave info is not being displayed correctly.
  • fix bug where SpawnEditor cause an error when there's only one resource used in the loaded scene.
  • fix bug on ResourceManager editor where information on the editor is not displayed correctly when different scene is loaded.
  • game logic change, SpawnManager will now stop spawning upon gameOver event.
  • added new tower type DirectionalAOETower. A hybrid between TurretTower and AOETower, actively targeting tower which damage all creep unit within a adjustable conical area.

Well, that quite a list of bug change isn't? I dont suppose the addition at the end of the list justify it. There's nothing I can say except for apologise for these bugs really. It does make the toolkit seems a bit buggy looking at the list. But hey, does mean the toolkit is getting better right? Well I hope so. *doubtful face*

Turns out my plan of remaking the whole toolkit to replace the buggy v1.0 isn't working as brilliantly as I would have hope. Mind you v1.0 is not really a well design framework to start with. To be fair it is just an expansion from a little TD project of mine. I've no intention to add so many things on it when I started on it.

Anyhow, I guess that's very typical isn't? Even the best thought out plan can fail. Still I wouldn't consider this a failure. I've been hearing lots of positive about v2.0, which makes me very happy indeed. And you bet I'm motivated.

In short, I ma gonna make more stufffffess!!

p/s: a long wall of text. Should have insert a picture somewhere...