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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My first iOS game

Finally it's live on AppStore. About bloody damn time!

My first iOS title, curiously named Dash Monster! Dont ask me, my partner decided the name.

I know it's the same screen used in previous post
It's no really a serious, gamers' sort of game. It's a very casual game indeed. At any rate, it's free, so please do me a favour and download it! Who knows you might enjoy it. Oh do keeps the comment and feedback coming. A rating on the AppStore would be much appreciated. I don't expect loads of positive from it but oh hell.

I have to complaint about this. It took us three weeks to get approval from apple! All because a stupid reviewer who is either dumb or couldn't understand English. The idiots keeps on saying that the app need in app purchase integration to support the game message which prompt user to get full version. If only he bother to press the yes button during the message prompt or check google translate on what I explained to him. Jezz...

Anyway, this is just a learning process and the first step towards many to come. I promise the next game (which is designed entirely by me) is gonna be better.

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