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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Project Unibot

I think it's about time I show this. Something that I've been working on since... well a long time ago. Unfortunately I have to shelve it in order to focus my effort on some other stuff, TDTK and DashMonster *cough*. Only for the past week I manage to find sometime to work on it. Anyway, I present my little platformer, temporarily named Project UniBot.

It's meant to be a simple and fun platfomer, something Mario like. As you might imagine, this is meant for iOS. Sometime I wonder why everything I ever made has to be tagged with iOS when I personally hate playing or indeed developing iOS game. But hey, no harm make it playable on PC.

You can't make a post shouting about some work with just an image. So with this post I shall include a demo webplayer for this cute little game. I think this is the first webplayer demo on this blog that resemble a real playable game. Not the usual showcase stuff that I made for TDTK and others. I hope you enjoy it. Do give me comment and feedback about it, positive or negative. It's always a treat. I'll say that although it looks very simplistic, I can assure you that it has gone through many iteration of modification to reach this point.

By the way, I'm very fond of the art and theme, all designed by Mr Fabian Schmidt aka acumen on unity forum. All credit goes to him for the artwork.


  1. Feedback seems to trickle in very slowly, so I might give it a start ;)

    I like the art style, although the clouds could be a little more fluffy instead of just oval-ish.

    You might want to tweak the parallax / camera tracking a little. Moving back and forth or just moving forward and then waiting for the camera to finish following the player makes me feel a little dizzy.

    When jumping against a ceiling from below, the bot sticks to the ceiling for a certain time before falling down. Actually the ceiling should stop upward motion immediately and make our hero plummet to the ground. I even managed to permanently stick the bot to a ceiling by completely standing still and then jumping up...

    Game mechanics: utilize that segway-ish forward / backward leaning!

    Right now, the bot turns on the spot and accelerates / stops immediately. Make it lean back to slow down and lean forward to accelerate. And dont just animate it, but make it feel right ;)


  2. Thanks a bunch for the feedback! Constructive feedback are what drives a game to become better!

    The stuck on ceiling bug is something I've discovered myself. Shortly after this post is made. It has been fixed but I've yet to make any update.

    I'll consider what you say on the movement and camera and see what I can do. Your feedback is much appreciated!