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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Minor Update for TDTK2

Well it certainly happen sooner than I expected. A new update for TDTK2. Version2.0.1 have just been submitted to Unity AssetStore.

The changes made are as follow:
  • fix “UI” gameObject error (missing child object) in exampleScene1 and exampleScene2.
  • fix bug where wave clear event wont launch if the last creep unit is kill instantly after spawned.
  • fix bug where tower cant be upgraded beyond level 2.
  • fix bug where default platform object with unspecified build-able tower doesn't support mine.
  • fix bug on UIiOS where wave info is not being displayed correctly.
  • fix bug where SpawnEditor cause an error when there's only one resource used in the loaded scene.
  • fix bug on ResourceManager editor where information on the editor is not displayed correctly when different scene is loaded.
  • game logic change, SpawnManager will now stop spawning upon gameOver event.
  • added new tower type DirectionalAOETower. A hybrid between TurretTower and AOETower, actively targeting tower which damage all creep unit within a adjustable conical area.

Well, that quite a list of bug change isn't? I dont suppose the addition at the end of the list justify it. There's nothing I can say except for apologise for these bugs really. It does make the toolkit seems a bit buggy looking at the list. But hey, does mean the toolkit is getting better right? Well I hope so. *doubtful face*

Turns out my plan of remaking the whole toolkit to replace the buggy v1.0 isn't working as brilliantly as I would have hope. Mind you v1.0 is not really a well design framework to start with. To be fair it is just an expansion from a little TD project of mine. I've no intention to add so many things on it when I started on it.

Anyhow, I guess that's very typical isn't? Even the best thought out plan can fail. Still I wouldn't consider this a failure. I've been hearing lots of positive about v2.0, which makes me very happy indeed. And you bet I'm motivated.

In short, I ma gonna make more stufffffess!!

p/s: a long wall of text. Should have insert a picture somewhere...


  1. Hi, Song--

    I'm making great progress with my TDTK game -- pretty much at the playable-prototype phase now, thank goodness! But there's one thing that's been giving me massive headaches the last couple of days: I have a "death" animation that runs for ~140 frames but it always runs *backwards* for a second or so at the end (I don't think it runs quite all the way to the end). I've tried the various adjustments in terms of death delay, switching the audio file length for the death audio, and even cutting down the death animation (at 110 frames it just runs backwards for a few frames). Other animations (perhaps shorter) work fine.

    Any idea why this might be happening? I saw the script line that compares the death-animation and audio and death delay in order to get the highest value, but I've adjusted all those so the death-animation is the longest item and still the problem persists.

    Most puzzling of all, why would the animation run backwards at the end? I've tried setting the animation to run-once, or clamp, or everything else (even changed the frame rate), resaved the animation in Blender and re-imported it in a different model, and even tried reorganizing the setup of the prefab so that the animation component is in a different part (lower or higher) of the hierarchy, but nothing makes any difference.

    If you have any ideas, please let me know. In the meantime, I'll try a couple more things that occurred to me while running through my list just now! :-) Thanks!


  2. Hi Bill,

    I've send an email to your mailbox regarding that issue. Please let me know if you haven't got anything.