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Saturday, 1 September 2012

TDTK 2.1.2 (bug fix, loads of them)

This should have come earlier but unfortunately I was very busy with contract work and moving house. Anyway TDTK 2.1.2 has finally been uploaded to AssetStore. I'm expecting it to become live on Monday.

Nothing ground breaking in this update. Just loads of bug fixes, mostly NGUI related, and just one new addition. I've mentioned about it before, it's the damage table. If you haven't been follow my blog. It's basically allow user to define multiple (as much as you need) damage and armor type that will be used in the game. Each of the damage type has different effectiveness against each armor type. In short, you can create tower that is particularly useful against certain type of creeps but ineffective against other. Or even a full paper scissors rock relation between the towers and creeps since now the creeps can fight back at the towers. I reckon it should be very useful for some user. I think it does open up a lot of possibilities for various tower setup, on top of the existing options. Come to think of it, this toolkit has certain come far from what it was first release.

As usual, the full list of change is listed as follow:

  • added support for configurable damage type and configurable armor type with for both towers and creeps. User can define multiple armor/damage type. The effectiveness of each damage type against each armor type can be configured.

bug fix
  • NGUI based UI will now sow game-over menu when the game is over
  • pause menu will no longer interfere with game-over menu
  • upgrade to NGUI full version will no longer mess up the NGUI UI
  • fixed bug where creep would sometime stuck at the spawn point
  • fixed bug where creeps HP overlays are not positioned correctly
  • fixed bug where restart/next button on NGUI ui will not work properly
  • fixed bug where tower targeting direction will reset to +ve x-axis every time the tower is selected
  • when using PoingNBuild mode in NGUI ui, switching platform with different buildable tower type will no longer cause certain build button to move to incorrect position. (disable UIButtonOffset component on the button.)

known issue
  • upgrade to NGUI full version will cause a missing script error for Popup List's BaseSliceSprite. This can be fixed by assigning UISliceSprite.cs to the missing component slots.