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Friday, 6 May 2016

It's the 5th Annivesary!

There has been a negligence on this blog for the past few months I admit. Not for the first time too I think. I was too caught up with other stuff. I've been keeping myself busy since the January to do some major update to all my AssetStore packs. TDTK, TBTK and TDSTK has all becoming a massive framework to maintain in each of their own right. Then I've took a much needed break to binge on some games. Before I know it, April had come and gone. Some game just kill time like not one else business. I'm looking at you, dragon age inquisition.

Anyway, I was just reminded that today is the 5 years old birthday for this little blog of mine. It also means that it has been 5 years I've been trying working as independent game developer. Well I should clarify that there are 2 things that are not true in the previous sentence. First, technically I've been working, not just trying. Second, I'm not really an independent game developer, am I? Well not until I release my own game anyway. Software/toolkit (as comprehensive as they are) doesn't count, even all of them are game related.

Truth is, I'm been trying to concentrate on getting a game done. It's very hard. But not for the usual reason why making game is hard as many other source would have you believe. This is going to make me sound a bit like an a** but bear with me. I want a game that any core gamer look at and go, 'well that is something I would gladly play'. Not some casual mobile or web game. I want to make something that I myself would be enjoy playing. Something someone would happily sit down in front of a pc and spend some quality hours with it. 

For that reason, it's been very hard to actually come out with something that I myself would approve. It's not secret that I've been working on MechCorp. I have come up with countless iteration of build, and scrap the lot of them because they doesn't make it past my own play test. In a nutshell, it's very difficult to come out with a fun, balance design that full fill all the criteria I'm looking for. With that said, I've gone back to the drawing board with the general design of MechCorp and currently rebuild it again, for the N-th time. At least I have a good feeling about this one, more so than all the previous iteration. I like to think this is the culmination of all the previous effort so they are not in vain. I've given myself two months (that end of June) to bring it up to an early alpha state. Then hopefully this time next year, I would have a playable game on my hand. Finger cross...

Now I should say that I've been very lucky to been the position I've been. Not many people have the luxury to do what I'm trying to do, with the way I'm doing it. Not to undermine the work I've put into it but I've been very fortunate to have stumble on UnityAssetStore when I do. Along with some freelance work, they has given me the most of the funding I require to do what I do. If you are wondering, no they not making me millions. Just enough for me to live on moderate life style. On that note, I'm not rich by any mean and I make laughable amount of money compare to many. But I'm just glad to do things I enjoy so I'm quite content with that. After all, I'm my own boss, I'm free to work however I like, and I'll take that freedom over any high paid job.

I suppose this is the time where I reflect on my experience and spur out some advise for being an indie game-dev or some deep philosophical stuff about life and universe. Unfortunately I'm not going to do that, as much as I enjoy lecturing people on life and universe like the old man I'm. I have a game to work on and that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Until next time. (Probably months later at the rate I'm updating this blog)