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Friday, 26 April 2013

Modular Sci-fi Turret Set - Now On AssetStore!

It's now officially live on AssetStore!

Also, it's now included in the released TowerDefenseToolKit full version

This is the flexible, modular and extremely low poly sci-fi turret set I mentioned in an earlier post.

If you already owned a copy of TDTK, you can find this included in the latest version of TDTK (v2.2.1f). If not, feel free to check it out via the link above or visit the official forum support thread. You can see these towers in action in this TDTK demo.

Please post any comment/feedback regarding this turret set here at the official forum support thread, thanks!

TDTK v2.2.1f2

Version 2.2.1f2 is now out and live on AssetStore!

I'm thrilled for this new update. With this update, TDTK is now taking the first step into providing art asset along with the coding framework. As you can see from the image above, the towers has been updated with real model rather than a cube. Check out the demo and see for yourself! If you already made your purchase, get your update!

The model used are from what I released as a stand alone asset pack. They have been shown in great details in an earlier post. If you are interested in the modal alone, feel free to check them out.

However, the asset addition is not all that is included. There are also a few changes and bug fix as follow:

  • added new low poly, modular tower model set with multiple textures
  • remake and added example tower prefabs with new model. new icon included
  • turret's barrel pivot point for barrel x-axis aiming is now assigned in TurretObject instead of Tower component in TowerEditor
  • turret aiming tolerance and turret speed are now configurable

Bug Fix:
  • fix error that happen on TowerEditor and in new tower prefab creation process.
  • fix error on platform inspector when the platform is selected in hierarchy in run time
  • fix bug on turret aiming when using full-mode with SeparatedBarrel. (turret on y-axis and barrel on x-axis)
  • fix some bug on spawn editor when creating a new scene via top panel.
  • fix an error about tweening which happen on NGUI when upgrade to NGUI full.

If you havent notice, I'm in the process of trying to add more useful art asset to the package. I think it's a rather comprehensive toolkit as it's now in term of functionality and feature. So it's time for a change of direction. I'm probably going to add model for creep next. Hope the new changes and addition excites you.

I love to hear your comment and feedback!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Modular Sci-fi Turret Set

The picture has said it all, hasn't it?

Yes, this is the continuation of the modelling work I mentioned before. I've finally done the UV mapping and texturing. I'm really really pleased about it. I think it look really good. Far more better than what I expected when I first work on it. Now I can integrate this with TDTK and make a proper demo out of it. Also this means I've some what mastered the know how (in my mind), I can start making my own asset for my own game. It's an exciting prospect that's for sure. However I'm not getting ahead of myself yet. For now, I'm just gonna build some simple stuff that could goes into the demo TDTK. But who knows, anything can be useful down the line.

Anyway, regarding the turret set. I've probably said it but I'll say it again. It's made to be as modular as possible so allow mix and match of different part to create many variant of towers. Also, it's extremely low poly. The maximum vertices count for each individual mesh never exceed 300. And they all share one material. This mean they can be dynamically batched in run time when used in Unity.  See the picture, pretty awesome eh?

One drawcall! For so many things!
I've also make several textures using different color theme so when making actual prefabs, it's possible to use parts with different color for a single tower or make different towers with different color theme. In case you asked, no I didn't quite make towers using different part yet. I'm too lazy I guess.

Finally, here are all the parts in current set. As shown in the image below, it consists of one base, six turrets variant, six guns variant, 2 radar panels (or whatever you make it to be) and one special missile pod made specifically to fit in one of the turret. On a second thought, I should have make one or two more missile pod.

Anyway, I'm thinking of releasing this as a stand-alone asset package on AssetStore. We'll see.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Announcing TDTK v2.2.1

It has taken quite a long time but it's finally here. I'm pleased to announce that TDTK v2.2.1 is now ready for release. It's now live on Unity AssetStore.

Without further delay, these are the list of changes/bugfixes

  • added player ability system where player can actively use ability with combination of various effect (aoe damage, slow, buff, restore HP, etc..)
  • added player ability support in perk system. Ability can be unlock, upgrade and tied into tech tree.
  • added UI support for ability system (for both OnGUI and NGUI)
  • more creep's variable can now be overridden in SpawnEditor
  • waves can now be generated procedurally according to user defined rules.
  • SpawnManager now support endless mode (using procedural wave generation)
  • added CreepManager and CreepEditor (similar to TowerManager and TowerEditor)
  • build buttons and ability button layout in OnGUI UI can now be customised
  • added tooltip and polish for the custom editor.
  • added a bunch of graphical icons for prototyping perks and abilities. 
  • and more minor stuff...

bug fix:
  • fix bug for editor windows where error will occur when intended edit target is unavailable
  • fix bug where new tower in TowerManager wont be available in a level until the level is loaded in the editor and have it's BuildManager selected.
  • fix critical error with editors when prefab/resource dependencies is deleted without using editor
  • fix bug where pre-placed tower on walkable platform dont register properly
  • fix bug where game would end when the last wave is cleared (when there are still active creep from other waves)
  • fix bug in queueing system of pathfinding
  • fix various bug of perk system
  • and other more minor bug fix...

New Abilities system, integrated with perk system. And very nice icon!
The long requested pie-build-menu for NGUI
New Editors. A lot of work has gone into this (both old and new)

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Icons Icons... Beautiful Icons

Well, I might have got a bit too full of myself. It's probably not beautiful.

Let me explain. While working on TDTK, I've found lacking of decent icons to demonstrate both perk and ability system quite annoying.  I want the demo and example to look nice. As much as I dont care about pretty aesthetic for a framework focus on coding and mechanic, it's pretty aesthetic and packaging that sell the good.

For that reason I've decided to have a series of icons that could be ship with the package as well as show up in the demo. Because I'm stingy and refuse to pay for professional artist, and because I'm confident that I will be able to master the skill required, I've taken a great deal of effort to make them myself, using my very limited skill with the cheapest software I can find, Gimp (it's free!).

Since I've started, it opens the flood gate and here's the result, expect to see more of them in the next TDTK update.

It's not too shabby in my humble self evaluation. I'm eager to know what's the responds to it. Hope that it's not too bad. I may just release a stand alone package of these icons.

Status Update (TDTK update is coming soon edition)

I've been busy as hell recently, hence the lack of posting. Have to admit I haven't been this busy for some time. The reason is I've got myself a part-time job back at my old research lab. So I'm now spending 20 hours or so working on some robotic project. It's interesting that's for sure but combine with my existing contract project, it has taken almost all, if not beyond what time I have. Honestly it's not really my idea, it's more like a favour to old friends from my academic years. The need some extra boost during the last 2-3 months of the research project.

Anyhow, I manage to squeeze out enough time to work on TDTK. The next update is almost done. I'm just trying to setup example scene to the new added feature and then some play test then it's good to go. Some of the new feature is still a bit lacking in my opinion, but until I get more feedback I'm running out of idea. And it has been long enough since the last update.

I mentioned this before, I've been exploring with art asset creation. My plan after next TDTK update would be shifting my focus a bit on that aspect. I want to create some basic and generic asset that can be applied on various game. Then I could incorporate these with TDTK as well as my own future project.

Another idea is to finally get back to making end user game, picking up the old projects like this and this again. After all, TDTK is now mature enough to support all elements in those games. It will be really interesting to see what I can pull off with experience and skill I pick up since the last 2 years Consider if I can finally make some decent asset, as good as these turrets, I recon there's a lot of possibility.  Probably a long shot but it's exciting!

Also for the record, since new year. I've played Farcry3. It's pretty awesome! Perhaps the next thing I should play is dishonoured, or crysis2. Actually I wanted to play some strategy game so much. By strategy game I actually mean SimCity. But I'll to stand by my own principal that I will not buy/play anything that advocates terrible anti-consumer practise. So damn you EA for putting me in such situation.