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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Icons Icons... Beautiful Icons

Well, I might have got a bit too full of myself. It's probably not beautiful.

Let me explain. While working on TDTK, I've found lacking of decent icons to demonstrate both perk and ability system quite annoying.  I want the demo and example to look nice. As much as I dont care about pretty aesthetic for a framework focus on coding and mechanic, it's pretty aesthetic and packaging that sell the good.

For that reason I've decided to have a series of icons that could be ship with the package as well as show up in the demo. Because I'm stingy and refuse to pay for professional artist, and because I'm confident that I will be able to master the skill required, I've taken a great deal of effort to make them myself, using my very limited skill with the cheapest software I can find, Gimp (it's free!).

Since I've started, it opens the flood gate and here's the result, expect to see more of them in the next TDTK update.

It's not too shabby in my humble self evaluation. I'm eager to know what's the responds to it. Hope that it's not too bad. I may just release a stand alone package of these icons.

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