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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Announcing TDTK v2.2.1

It has taken quite a long time but it's finally here. I'm pleased to announce that TDTK v2.2.1 is now ready for release. It's now live on Unity AssetStore.

Without further delay, these are the list of changes/bugfixes

  • added player ability system where player can actively use ability with combination of various effect (aoe damage, slow, buff, restore HP, etc..)
  • added player ability support in perk system. Ability can be unlock, upgrade and tied into tech tree.
  • added UI support for ability system (for both OnGUI and NGUI)
  • more creep's variable can now be overridden in SpawnEditor
  • waves can now be generated procedurally according to user defined rules.
  • SpawnManager now support endless mode (using procedural wave generation)
  • added CreepManager and CreepEditor (similar to TowerManager and TowerEditor)
  • build buttons and ability button layout in OnGUI UI can now be customised
  • added tooltip and polish for the custom editor.
  • added a bunch of graphical icons for prototyping perks and abilities. 
  • and more minor stuff...

bug fix:
  • fix bug for editor windows where error will occur when intended edit target is unavailable
  • fix bug where new tower in TowerManager wont be available in a level until the level is loaded in the editor and have it's BuildManager selected.
  • fix critical error with editors when prefab/resource dependencies is deleted without using editor
  • fix bug where pre-placed tower on walkable platform dont register properly
  • fix bug where game would end when the last wave is cleared (when there are still active creep from other waves)
  • fix bug in queueing system of pathfinding
  • fix various bug of perk system
  • and other more minor bug fix...

New Abilities system, integrated with perk system. And very nice icon!
The long requested pie-build-menu for NGUI
New Editors. A lot of work has gone into this (both old and new)

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