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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Status Update (TDTK update is coming soon edition)

I've been busy as hell recently, hence the lack of posting. Have to admit I haven't been this busy for some time. The reason is I've got myself a part-time job back at my old research lab. So I'm now spending 20 hours or so working on some robotic project. It's interesting that's for sure but combine with my existing contract project, it has taken almost all, if not beyond what time I have. Honestly it's not really my idea, it's more like a favour to old friends from my academic years. The need some extra boost during the last 2-3 months of the research project.

Anyhow, I manage to squeeze out enough time to work on TDTK. The next update is almost done. I'm just trying to setup example scene to the new added feature and then some play test then it's good to go. Some of the new feature is still a bit lacking in my opinion, but until I get more feedback I'm running out of idea. And it has been long enough since the last update.

I mentioned this before, I've been exploring with art asset creation. My plan after next TDTK update would be shifting my focus a bit on that aspect. I want to create some basic and generic asset that can be applied on various game. Then I could incorporate these with TDTK as well as my own future project.

Another idea is to finally get back to making end user game, picking up the old projects like this and this again. After all, TDTK is now mature enough to support all elements in those games. It will be really interesting to see what I can pull off with experience and skill I pick up since the last 2 years Consider if I can finally make some decent asset, as good as these turrets, I recon there's a lot of possibility.  Probably a long shot but it's exciting!

Also for the record, since new year. I've played Farcry3. It's pretty awesome! Perhaps the next thing I should play is dishonoured, or crysis2. Actually I wanted to play some strategy game so much. By strategy game I actually mean SimCity. But I'll to stand by my own principal that I will not buy/play anything that advocates terrible anti-consumer practise. So damn you EA for putting me in such situation.

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