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Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Another WIP post about TDTK, I'm pleased to announce another new feature for coming update of TDTK. That is endless/survival mode. This is courtesy of a Firas, a user of TDTK. The challenge of this addition of course, is to be able procedurally generate waves of enemies endlessly. And on top of that, make it customisable.

I'm still very much experimenting on the best way to customise the wave generating algorithm. But it's reasonably ok at current state. To make this easier in the first place, creep prefabs is now added to the game via a CreepManager, similar to how tower prefabs is added TowerManager. Then in infinite spawn mode, each creep can be set to be available after certain wave. The HP, speed of each creep can be customised via a set linear formula so they increase or decrease over time. There are optional random deviation for each parameter to make things less predictable.

You can get the general idea from the SpawnEditor image shown about how the system works. Obviously it still support all the default spawn mode, all time-based, wave-cleared, round-based. It's by no mean complete. There are still stuff I yet to add. Like functionality to use it to procedural generates wave for a level with finite wave. Maybe even some more tweaking that make it more dynamic in nature, like general difficulty setting? Should be interesting...

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