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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Next TDTK?

This may have been coming a long way and I've been asked about TDTK4 a lot. Since I've been casually working on it and made a reasonable amount of progress, I might as well make it official that TDTK4 is currently in development. Here's a glimpse of the new UI.

Of course, it's by no mean complete but as I'm looking at it now, it's going to be better than the previous version in almost every way. There are more options available to get the setting you need. It supports more features. The perk system are much more comprehensive than before. All this, with much less code. That means it's much easier for me to maintain and update it in the future. And also easier for user to mod.

That said, I'm leaving out FPS mode at the moment for a few reasons. First it's not really the main selling point of the framework. Second I don't think too many people are using it. Third and the most important reason, it's kind of tedious to support the touch input for FPS mode. I'll be honest, I'm not a big fan for virtual joystick on touch screen by any mean. When I first started working on FPS mode, it's fun and interesting to play with it using mouse and keyboard. The problem is it hasn't cross my mind that I'll have to add touch control support. So eventually when people are asking for it, it becomes kind of a pain for me. In short, FPS mode is dropped for now. I may add that in a later update but we'll see.

Either way, it's looking rather good for now. I've no idea when it will be ready. To clarify, I'm not working on it full time. Just using it as a way to keep myself from burned out working on MechCorp.