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Friday, 31 May 2013

TDTK v2.2.2 is out! New Asset Included!

It's an exciting and proud moment for me personally to see the latest TDTK (v2.2.2) went online. The big difference between this and all the previous update is that this update has emphasize more on addition of art asset. I've never keen to say this, but a nice graphic does make a big different. Now the demo feels more like a game than a simple prototype, in relatively term of course. It's still far from polished.

Now included in TDTK are three modular asset package I made, all which can be obtained from Unity AssetStore without TDTK. They are:
All the example has been remade with the new asset. I hope even for user who are not big on using generic asset, they still provide a decent examples. With that said, the demo has been updated as well. Feel free to check it out! Some of the level are not that balance, they can be a bit too easy/challenging. But they are afterall feature demo for TDTK, not TDTK the game.

I do love to add make more of this modular asset to complete the set. Building and background props comes into mind when I think of it. But I've many ideas that I like to play with as well, score-board, additional game mode. Well, we shall see.

Following is the update log of v2.2.2:

  • Added option for auto-scale ability indicator size to effective range
  • Added option for realistic line-of-sight mechanism for TurretTower
  • Added modular sci-fi freighter model for creep
  • Added modular sci-fi tank model for creep
  • All old creep using primitive mesh has been replaced by new model.
  • All example has been rebuilt.
  • Added support for block-able shootObject (shootObject cant shoot through obstacle/collider)
  • tweak missile behaviour, new option added
  • attack creep now use similar turret control model used by tower. (with barrel control and etc.)
  • change the naming of PathFinding component so the package is now compatible with PathFinder

     bug fix
  • fix bug in SpawnManager where Infinite spawn option will always override AutoGenerateWave
  • fix bug in SpawnManager where event are not firing according to the spawnMode and spawnLimit
  • fix error in UnitCreepAttack caused by animation delay
  • fix bug with editors error which occur when play.
  • fix setting of tower prefab, all tower prefab now batch dynamically.
  • fix a few setting in creep and tower editor
  • fix a bug where creep movement got distorted when pass start point in path-looping mode
  • and other minor bug fixes

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Modular Sci-fi Tank/Vehicle Set

An image is better than a thousand words so I'm just going to show this:

I think it's my finest asset creation yet! The TDTK demo and example will be getting a face lift with these. I'm current working my ass off on it to get the next update out asap. It wont be long now. The new demo is going to look awesome. Very exciting indeed! I hope now the visual aspect of the demo can really do the supported functionality justice.

As usual, all these is modular and subject to dynamic batching. However since there are too many mesh and UV to fit into one texture, two is used instead. So unfortunately the number of drawcall has been increased by "100%" from 1 to 2. Ops... But I do hope that the addition of two drones model would make up for it.

This is all for now, I hope to show them in a better light with the actual gameplay of TDTK.

Finally, in different colours:

And there are more color combinations of course.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Two years in business. Awesome!!

A relatively small but significant milestone. Well two years and a month to be exact. Yea, this post comes almost a month late because I forgot about it. The anniversary I mean, not the post. Thing is I've been too busy recently to actually pay any attention to such details, not that it matters anyway. Details in my work tho, not so much. I believe attention to details is what makes a good game and give it character and soul.

Anyway, it's been another year. I wouldn't say it's an extremely productive year. Well looking back I might have took too much time off and slacking too much. I would blame the many happening of life events related to family and friends but honestly, it's an excuse. Also, it doesn't help that I have been in a string of bad luck finding myself in other people project that doesn't really go anywhere. cough *the fraud TD project* cough. I spent at least 3-4 months on that. But it was a good experience though. I wont complain, the money is good, but would I do that again? hell no! 

But I must say again it's really is a very good experience. It's the first time I have the chance to really go on and develop a game with minimum compromise. Also it has put me in an interesting position. It sure make me question myself about the dilemma of professionalism, ethic, and money. I'm glad to say I kept my integrity rejecting further offers. Yes I was offered to carry on on two ocassion when the company in question some how manage to secure more budget from more investor. To this day, I'm still not sure what exactly happen, but the whole thing just seems too dodgy and I decide it's better not to get myself involve any further. If you have no idea what I've been mumbling about in the few sentences, dont bother yourself with it. It's nothing really. :)

So, it's not the best year in term of productivity. But I've been extremely lucky. My stuff on AssetStore has been doing well and I'm not exactly short of work. I was offered freelance job from time to time. So financially I'm in a far better position than I was same time last year. I've certainly feel like I'm slowly starting to reap the reward of all the hard work I've put in to make this work. But in this volatile career, nothing is certain. I do wonder all the time is this all a bubble that will collapse at any moment. The pressure is always there, you can be sure of that.

I'm certainly very glad and grateful that I'm still here, manage to survive and make a living out of this little career I carved for myself. It's really great being able to do things you are passionate about. It can be tough at time but honestly I wouldn't have it other way. My recent part-time job which require me to work 16-hours a week in a research lab has just reinforce my view on this subject. I guess it's all thanks to the people who supported my product by purchasing them. As well as a few clients of mine who kind enough to give me a chance to work with them. It's your support and positive feedback keeps me going.

Contary, I've also made a very interesting discovery. It's complimenting and discouraging at the same time. Turns out TDTK and possibly InputTouches has been pirated. I tried not to talk about this. It's a touchy subject and I don't want to give people's idea (but I'm giving people idea am I not?). It feels good that my work is recognised but it's depressing at the same time many people can just take my hard work for granted. This is not surprising at all consider many of the popular packages on AssetStore has been pirated.

Despite that, I'm still going to keep on working on improving TDTK. The current plan is to make a demo worthy of full game. So I'll be adding a lot of art-asset to it. So far I've added lots of icon for perk and ability, and all the towers had been updated as well. The creeps will be updated pretty soon. I'm working on it but I'm extremely busy these few days (no I didn't spend a lot of time writing this, most of this has been sitting in my unpublished post). Anyway I've made a post about the sci-fi freighter, so take that as a sneak peak. After finishing the creep I will try to work on the environment props. Still a long way to go it seems. I imagine this long process will take a few months going at current rate. I might as well use all these assets to make a mini game or two while I'm at it. It should be fun.

Speaking of art asset, I'm extremely thrilled that now I can finally make my own 3D model and 2D art. I have said this many time on this many earlier post I know. I'm still pretty limited in this department though. For a start, I still don't know how to rig and animate a model. Also I imagine UV map and texturing a more complicated model than my current work will be a tough challenge for me. But it's a decent start and frankly, I never thought I would see the coming of this day! Honest!

I sincerely hope that this time next year I could finally write about a finished game of my own vision that worthy of a retail release. A tall order from any point of view that's for sure, but I'm going for it if the circumstance is right. This is after all, why I'm doing all these in the first place.

Excellent, now I can conclude this anniversary post with a goal for the next 12 months. No I wouldn't hold my breath for this one. :)  It's funny, I started out trying to make an end user game. Not to be a freelancer, or middle-ware developer. It does feels like the further I'm in it, the further away I'm from that ultimate goal. I guess the more I learn about game developing, the more I know how far I'm actually from being able to pull that goal off successfully. I'm not giving up of course, I'm just buying my time, getting the resources I need and wait for the right time and that big idea. It will come, I'm sure. Maybe after a few more post like this. If you are still reading at this point, sorry for the wall of text that isnt really that informative.

Btw this is the 103th post I made. Yay!

Friday, 17 May 2013

Modular Sci-fi Freighter

The latest addition to my art-asset creation is finally done. It's slight less exciting than stuff with guns but I imagine it should be useful anyway. There's another tank set on the way so everything will compliment each other nicely. It's done with the similar style with modular turret set I've done earlier. So is the tank set which is in progress. The grand plan is to make everything that fits when place together so there's a complete asset pack that contains everything. That means vehicle, building, props, etc. The current plan is to make a mini-game using TDTK for demo purpose. But I have hope that in the near future I could utilise all this to make some kind of stand-alone strategy game. A continuation of RTS-X perhaps.

As you can probably see it's modular like the turret set and it can be mix and match in a different way. For support/transport vehicle, I guess the 3 option of each changeable part is more than sufficient to create a good variation. The container can also be used as a props so I think it's pretty cool. Like the modular turret set, it's low-poly and share single texture and material. That should help in keeping the drawcall down when used in large quantity.

This will be in TDTK in the next update, along with the tank set when it's done. I'll also submit a stand-alone package to AssetStore. Right now, I just cant wait to get the tank set done and put them all in TDTK and see them all in action. If only I can get enough time on my hand...

Monday, 13 May 2013

Status Update

I havent been working on things I intended as much as I like recently. By things I intended I mean my own project like new model and TDTK. I thought that after I release TDTK 2.2.1, I can quickly make another set of models or two to further update TDTK. Unfortunately other things like my part time job has taken much more time than I expected. It's very annoying if I'm honest.

Still, I guess I'll show what I manage so far. So I've been working on some vehicle model to be used as the sample creeps for TDTK. The idea is very much similar to the turret-set I made. Sci-fi theme, modular, low-poly, and as flexible as possible to be used in a wide variety. However I have to say these are a bigger pain than the turrets. It's hard to create a vehicle base that looks good on it's own and with a bunch of add on. I end up spending a lot more time than I do for the turrets. Here's a sneak peak:

And here's the individual part break down:

Mind you that is not all of the parts, at least I still haven't really got to the guns yet. And I think I'm still missing some elements if I'm to use this for TDTK. For instance, flying unit and splitting unit. So there's still some way to go. I've also done a lot of optimising to keep the vertices count down. All the parts, (as complicated as some of them may seem) are below 300 and thus subjected to dynamic batching when in Unity. However I don't think they will shared one material as I will certainly struggle to get all in texture in one UV map.

Well, we will see.