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Monday, 13 May 2013

Status Update

I havent been working on things I intended as much as I like recently. By things I intended I mean my own project like new model and TDTK. I thought that after I release TDTK 2.2.1, I can quickly make another set of models or two to further update TDTK. Unfortunately other things like my part time job has taken much more time than I expected. It's very annoying if I'm honest.

Still, I guess I'll show what I manage so far. So I've been working on some vehicle model to be used as the sample creeps for TDTK. The idea is very much similar to the turret-set I made. Sci-fi theme, modular, low-poly, and as flexible as possible to be used in a wide variety. However I have to say these are a bigger pain than the turrets. It's hard to create a vehicle base that looks good on it's own and with a bunch of add on. I end up spending a lot more time than I do for the turrets. Here's a sneak peak:

And here's the individual part break down:

Mind you that is not all of the parts, at least I still haven't really got to the guns yet. And I think I'm still missing some elements if I'm to use this for TDTK. For instance, flying unit and splitting unit. So there's still some way to go. I've also done a lot of optimising to keep the vertices count down. All the parts, (as complicated as some of them may seem) are below 300 and thus subjected to dynamic batching when in Unity. However I don't think they will shared one material as I will certainly struggle to get all in texture in one UV map.

Well, we will see.

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