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Friday, 17 May 2013

Modular Sci-fi Freighter

The latest addition to my art-asset creation is finally done. It's slight less exciting than stuff with guns but I imagine it should be useful anyway. There's another tank set on the way so everything will compliment each other nicely. It's done with the similar style with modular turret set I've done earlier. So is the tank set which is in progress. The grand plan is to make everything that fits when place together so there's a complete asset pack that contains everything. That means vehicle, building, props, etc. The current plan is to make a mini-game using TDTK for demo purpose. But I have hope that in the near future I could utilise all this to make some kind of stand-alone strategy game. A continuation of RTS-X perhaps.

As you can probably see it's modular like the turret set and it can be mix and match in a different way. For support/transport vehicle, I guess the 3 option of each changeable part is more than sufficient to create a good variation. The container can also be used as a props so I think it's pretty cool. Like the modular turret set, it's low-poly and share single texture and material. That should help in keeping the drawcall down when used in large quantity.

This will be in TDTK in the next update, along with the tank set when it's done. I'll also submit a stand-alone package to AssetStore. Right now, I just cant wait to get the tank set done and put them all in TDTK and see them all in action. If only I can get enough time on my hand...


  1. Do you include the source for your tower assets in the kit so people can build upon them? I tried your free version of the kit to get the hang of it and it's a great system.

    1. Sorry but I dont get what you are refering to. Do you mean the source code of TDTK or the model?

      Yes all the source code are included in full version of TDTK, as in the free version. You are free to modify them to suite your own purpose so long that you dont resell them. I'm happy to provide the support. The .fbx file of the model are included in the package as well.

      Please note that the free version has been out of date for quite sometime. The full version is much more comprehensive and powerful, and a lot more easier to use as well with most of the feature supported by custom editor. I'm sure you will be impressed if you like the one in free version. :)