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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Bad News

I'm sitting in front of a laptop belong to a friend. The reason? There has been a break in at my work place. The took no money but all of my hardware. My tower case along with everything in it, screen and even mouse and keyboard.

This is very bad news indeed. It also means that some of the very hard work I've done in the past has been lost. Save a few lucky one that has been backuped on dropbox. A list of casualties:
  • RTS-X
  • Untitled Top-Down Shooter
  • TDTK v1.1 (good thing I have v1.0 stored on dropbox)
  • Scource Code of Footman
As well as some small test project. The lost of the shooter and RTS-X pain me the most. There has been some rather neat features that I've spend many many hours into it and yet to be seen or enjoyed by anyone. I hereby apologize of those who have collaborate with me or contributed in those projects. It maybe some time again your contribution will be put to good use.

But with that said, I'll start over again. First by spending a fortune getting myself a new machine. Then work furiously for the next few months or weeks I suppose. Wish me luck.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

TDTK v1.1 (WIP)

Looks the same, but it's different!
First of, a general update list of the progress of TDTK version1.1:
  • New building mode. Instead of click and drop a tower to the scene like a typical RTS scheme. An alternative mode has been added where user player select a specific spot/platform in the scene before click on the GUI specify which tower type to be build.
  • An alternative GUI based on using guiTexture and guiText instead of scripted GUI elements. Easier to reposition and customize with custom GUI art.
  • Streamline of various configurable parameter to make setting up prefabs and level more intuitive and easy.
  • Optimization of the code to give better performance
To see the new building mode and GUI in action, please try this webplayer demo

Basically most of the changes and additions are build with the mobile platform support in mind. However this is just a start. Touch control will not be include in version1.1 yet. It's just that consider the new build mode and GUI which are almost a mandatory for mobile platform, are applicable on other PC and Mac, I have decided to make a small update for version1.0 with these.  TDTK with mobile platform support shall be released as version2.0. 

I'm trying to make things happen as soon as I can. However if the development for version 2.0 is taking too long for whatever reason beyond my control (QA and testing). I have a backup plan of release subsequent version1.2 and even version1.3 with other additional feature such as open map play with path-finding, etc.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Bike Demo

A rather cool bike mechanism demo I've made for a paid Job. Big thanks for Brian who given me the permission to post this. Here's the webplayer.

Please dont mind the lack of texture on the model and environment. After all I've only been given such asset, just adequate to complete the task

Monday, 1 August 2011

Sneak Peak

Just note that I haven't update the blog in a while. 2 weeks to be precise. But that doesn't mean that nothing is happening. A lot can happen in 2 weeks. So behold a sneak peak of my latest work:

An awesome mech model!
Alright Obviously I didn't make that, not much of a modeler and artist myself. It's made by Ognjen, a brilliant artist collaborating with me. And Obviously this is a one of the model of the up-coming game. Unfortunately this is all I'm going to show for now. I have high hope for this one. The reason being I end up spending more time playing it than actually developing it whenever I sit down to work.

The original plan is to try to make a simple mini-game in two weeks, for challenge and for fun. But seeing the game now I'm in a bit of a dilemma here. To release it knowing that I haven't develop it to the fullest potential or stick to the original plan and release it anyway.

I don't know, Just let me work away for now. If I work fast enough, it should be available on kongregate by this weekend.