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Thursday, 24 October 2013

TurnBased-ToolKit (TBTK) v1.0.3 is now released

Feels like I've fell off the grid for a long long time. For I have not posted anything at all for quite a while. So many things had happened for the past few weeks and plenty is still happening.

Anyway it's not my life story I'm want to talk about. This is in fact a quick status update and quick announcement. So status update, I'm alive and working... hard... And that's about it.

Now we get that out of the way. I like to announce that TBTK v1.0.3 has gone live on AssetStore as off yesterday. I think I've done sufficient bug testing on my own. Hopefully all the nasty one has been filtered. So the big shinny new features are in this update are square grid support. With this, I have covered most of the coming soon features I stated when I first release the toolkit.  Of course, along with square grid, I have also added a lot of stuff such as new turnMode, more option to setup a level, unit abilities and lots of bug fixes. It's a lot of small things that when put together, make lots of difference. The summarized change log is as follow:

TBTK Version Change – 1.0.3
  • TBTK tab on the top panel has been moved to 'Tools/SongGameDev/TBTK'
  • added support fro square grid
  • added new turn mode (SingleUnitRealTime & SingleUnitRealTimeNoRound), similar to SingleUnitPerTurn but faster unit get to move more in a round than slower one.
  • separated grid generation and unit generation
  • added point budget based unit generation
  • UnitAbility can now trigger other unit abilities, enable abilities with different target area, effect, etc.
  • UnitAbility can now fail/miss
  • damage effect on UnitAbility now has damageType associate with it.
  • and other minor tweaks.

bug fixes
  • fix bug with unit placement
  • fix various bugs with the UnitAbility
  • fix volume bug with AudioManager
  • fix bug with multiple shootObjects
  • fix bug when randomize level breaks the game on iOS 
  • and more...

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Status Update (going afk)

So yes, you have seen it. SquareGrid for TBTK. It is a thing now, a work in progress that is. I just manage to get it working, just, like a few hours ago. It still need a lot of testing so as much as I want to update it now, it will have to wait. The last thing I want to have is another bug fest like the first release of v1.0.1. I'm going to take time to test it a bit and make sure most of the things are working. So this will be the major addition for v.1.0.3. Of course, there are many other small changes/tweaks/addition as well. Some of them might not be small at all. At the rate this is going, the next update is shaping up to be as big as the last one.

Unfortunately this is the end of the 'good news' for my AssetStore customer. I've just took a job that no doubt will consumed all the time I have in the this month. Let's just say it's an unfinished business from the past and I hope this time it goes well. I really want to get this settled once and for all. Anyway, the point is I won't be having too much time on my hand to work on any major update.

It also doesn't help that I got lots of travelling to do this month, for various reasons. On that note, I'll be away starting from this Saturday until next Thursday. Not sure if I'll have access to Internet so if I'm not responding to your email, please be patient.