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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Modular Sci-fi Tank/Vehicle Set

An image is better than a thousand words so I'm just going to show this:

I think it's my finest asset creation yet! The TDTK demo and example will be getting a face lift with these. I'm current working my ass off on it to get the next update out asap. It wont be long now. The new demo is going to look awesome. Very exciting indeed! I hope now the visual aspect of the demo can really do the supported functionality justice.

As usual, all these is modular and subject to dynamic batching. However since there are too many mesh and UV to fit into one texture, two is used instead. So unfortunately the number of drawcall has been increased by "100%" from 1 to 2. Ops... But I do hope that the addition of two drones model would make up for it.

This is all for now, I hope to show them in a better light with the actual gameplay of TDTK.

Finally, in different colours:

And there are more color combinations of course.

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