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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Modular Sci-fi Turret Set

The picture has said it all, hasn't it?

Yes, this is the continuation of the modelling work I mentioned before. I've finally done the UV mapping and texturing. I'm really really pleased about it. I think it look really good. Far more better than what I expected when I first work on it. Now I can integrate this with TDTK and make a proper demo out of it. Also this means I've some what mastered the know how (in my mind), I can start making my own asset for my own game. It's an exciting prospect that's for sure. However I'm not getting ahead of myself yet. For now, I'm just gonna build some simple stuff that could goes into the demo TDTK. But who knows, anything can be useful down the line.

Anyway, regarding the turret set. I've probably said it but I'll say it again. It's made to be as modular as possible so allow mix and match of different part to create many variant of towers. Also, it's extremely low poly. The maximum vertices count for each individual mesh never exceed 300. And they all share one material. This mean they can be dynamically batched in run time when used in Unity.  See the picture, pretty awesome eh?

One drawcall! For so many things!
I've also make several textures using different color theme so when making actual prefabs, it's possible to use parts with different color for a single tower or make different towers with different color theme. In case you asked, no I didn't quite make towers using different part yet. I'm too lazy I guess.

Finally, here are all the parts in current set. As shown in the image below, it consists of one base, six turrets variant, six guns variant, 2 radar panels (or whatever you make it to be) and one special missile pod made specifically to fit in one of the turret. On a second thought, I should have make one or two more missile pod.

Anyway, I'm thinking of releasing this as a stand-alone asset package on AssetStore. We'll see.

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