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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

TDTK v2.0.2 update

The latest update of TDTK, with lots of bug fixes and a few new additions.

The new features are actually quite cool. The first new feature are creep ability to spawn creep when killed. A feature I have always want to add but somehow it keep escaping my thought when I'm working. So now you can have a big boss creep that spawn a bunch of smaller creeps, which will then spawn another bunch of smaller creeps and it goes on. Of course, the unit to spawned and the number to spawned is configurable.

The next feature are dynamic waypoints. Very simple conceprt really. Instead of a fixed waypoint, creep randomly follow the waypoint with a slight offset. In short, the creep will no longer stick in a queue and follow each other. The placement and formation of creep seems a lot more natural and less boring with this.  I'm very very pleased with this. However please note that there's a limitation to this, be sure to read the ducomentation regarding how to use this.

Dynamic Waypoint in action, and guess wat's the orange color bigger creep does.

To see this two new feature in action, check out this updated webplayer demo.

Oh, I've also tweaked the camera as well. Adding dual finger camera rotation for iOS as well as improve the zoom input. The full list of the change in this update are listed as follow:
  • fix bug where TurretTower won't shoot when there's no turretObject assigned.
  • fix bug where tower will target a creep even when it's destroyed.
  • fix bug where GameControl will always auto initiate AudioManager and override user created AudioManager.
  • fix bug with editor for GameControl and SpawnManager.
  • fix bug for tower editor where TurretAnimateMode doesnt assigned properly.
  • fix bug where creep will replay death animation when hit after they are destroyed.
  • fix bug where override speed value in SpawnEditor doesn't take effect.
  • Added option for dynamic waypoint, randomise creep position along the path in some extent. Make group of creeps movement and placement more natural. The parameter can be turned on/off or adjusted using “Dynamic WP” in Path.cs.
  • Added option for creeps to spawn more creep upon destroyed. Configurable in UnitCreep.cs.
  • Added camera rotation for iOS, configurable in CameraControl.cs.
  • pinch-zooming in iOS has been reworked and now work more consistently.

In case you are not an existing user of TDTK and interested in getting it, here's the link to AssetStore. Alternatively you could contact me directly, a discount might apply I might add. :)

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