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Friday, 28 March 2014

TDTK Update (v2.2.5f3)

A minor update has just gone live on AssetStore. A fairly small update compare to the usual one really. I guess it's understandable given that the last update was only 3 weeks ago.

Anyway here's what going on in the update:

Version Change – v2.2.5f3
  • add support for damage (when creep is attacked) and resource gained (when creep is killed) overlay
  • add min-max damage range to towers, as opposed to just 1 fix value
  • add min-max resource gain for killing creep, as opposed to just 1 fix value
  • improve scanning mechanic of straight-line targeting so it's more robust

bug fix
  • fix bug where support adjacent tower buff stops working when a tower is upgraded
  • fix a few error in demo scene
  • fix some creep-editor bug where target point cannot be assigned
  • fix a bug for TurretTower where a lengthy animation could cause error in targeting.

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