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Monday, 23 December 2013

TBTK Update (v1.0.5) - Build the Wall!

Another update of TBTK is up. Didn't expect it to happen so soon after the last update, but here it's. 

For this release, I've added a editable wall system. It works very much like the obstacle system, only that it's between two adjacent tile. And of course, it's compatible with the cover and fog-of-war system.

Apart from that, the less noticeable update would be the overhaul of the effect duration tracking. Now it should make more sense to each different turn mode. It used to be based on round completely so faction which use an ability towards the end of the round will find the effect last much shorter. The new code keep tracks of the turn cycle between each faction so no faction will gain any advantage.

So in short, here are the new stuff:

  • added wall system, now support wall between adjacent tile
  • new wall system is integrated to existing cover and line-of-sight system
  • duration tracking for various ability/collectible effect has been reworked
  • SelfDestruct script has been updated to work in tandem with the new duration tracking
  • added support for manual faction's color assignment

     bug fix
  • fix a few editor bug with grid/unit generation
  • fix some bug with unit-abilities
  • fix bug where abilities duration doesnt work correctly when using turn-mode that isnt round based

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