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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

TDTK nGUI preview

It has been relatively quiet since the release of v2.1. Not sure what that means, I was expecting a lot feedbacks, tweak requests and bug reports. I can only hope this mean most user haven't got much problem with the new additions and are relatively happy with it.

Anyway, I've been working on nGUI UI since releasing v2.1. It's not complete but it's almost there. And I figure it's time I can show the world a preview. So here you go:


So yea, it's pretty obvious that I'm try to match to the TDTK default UI. Pretty much all the configurable are still there. It support both PointNBuild and DragNDrop mode, multiple resource display, pause function and even volume control. It certain looks a bit cooler thanks to the the interactive nature of nGUI. 

However the short coming is it's not as flexible as the default UI. It require a certain amount of setup before it's ready to go. Things like configuring the atlas to include the tower icons for the build button, resource display, such and such. Still I managed to get the build button to be generated dynamically based on the towers assigned in BuildManager. In short, there's no complicated or tedious procedure to configure the build button to fit each towers apart from adding those tower icon to the atlas being used.

Well, that's pretty much the progress I have so far. I hope to get it done and release it asap. Hopefully sometime around or before this weekend.


  1. i love the project - working to assign a unique color to each tower type (I get confused with all the red) - pretty tedious the way i have to go about it - build a model in pro/engineer, render it there or in daz at the right orientation - then export to gimp to generate the .psd file. I like your graphics scheme so much i want to keep it as close to the original design as possible

  2. Thanks for the compliment. I'm a big fan of minimalistic graphic style. But really the reason the current graphic scheme is chosen is that I've no other mean within my capabilities.

    I intended to represent each unique example tower with one color and at the same time attempt to keep it sharp and colorful. Unfortunately in the never ending process of adding new tower type and new sample prefab, I've run out of dominant color so I chose to repeat the color instead. Yea it's a bit confusing at time.

  3. Yay for Song!!! I had gotten nGUI a few months back and love it...BUT -- integrating it into my TDTK project required a bit of hard-coding/scripting here and there. More importantly, I've been reluctant to go very in-depth with the nGUI features and system/setup for fear of conflicting with TDTK's built-in system.

    Best of all, though, is the fact that the nGUI integration will now be part of the TDTK updates, so I won't have to track my own changes each time I update TDTK. Can't wait to see what you've done in terms of blending TDTK and nGUI -- two great packages that'll doubtless complement each other nicely (almost as well as chocolate and peanut butter!). :-)

  4. Glad you are excited, and thanks for the confidence you are showing in my work. But there isn't an exact TDTK NGUI integration per say. I'm just building an example UI using NGUI to serve as an template or example of how it can be done. There's virtually no change at all has been made to the core framework to accommodate that. I've said that TDTK is a coding framework that can be interact with any 3rd party GUI solution. In other words, if you are doing it right, you shouldn't need to track your own changes. :)

    Anyway, it's done. I'll post an update and pre-release preview soon.

  5. << if you are doing it right, you shouldn't need to track your own changes. :)>>

    There's the catch: "doing it right." !!! I agree, I shouldn't need to track my own changes, but my scripting abilities are limited. A fair amount of my customization involves additions to your scripts rather than new scripts (e.g., added variables, links between a script and a newly created gui element, etc.). I'm sure I could get there with some kind of class declaration, global variables, etc., but that's beyond my capability, I'm afraid.

    But don't get me wrong -- that's exactly why TDTK is great! It's robust enough -- and well-commented enough -- that a novice like me can tweak things and get good results.

    As for the TDTK integration vs example aspect, I understand what you're saying, but it's still going to be a big help for me. Doing a project solo -- art, audio, scripting, level design, the works -- doesn't leave much time for learning new tools, and even less for learning how to integrate them together with other tools. By putting together your example UI, you're saving me a lot of time. ;-)