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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A Summary of July

It's been a fairly quiet month for me, at least on the blog. I really like to post more regularly and I should have. I have make a habit of only posting updates of anything when they are official when I should have make post about the development along the way. 

For instance I've spent lots of time working on version2.1 of TDTK. Never mind the documentation which took me an awful lot of time, the addition of some of the new features is not exactly a walk in the park either in term of the thinking process. In the past, all the elements has been fairly well established or straight-forward concept in a TD game, such as splitting creeps, multi-pathing etc... However when it comes to creep to tower attack, there hasn't been a solid example that I can compared against and work towards that particular model, except Plant vs Zombies. I'm sure there are more but somehow that's the only game I think think of. As a result there are a lot of experimenting going on. To be brutally honest, I don't expect all the new addition will be very well thought out for the release. I'm counting on the community to provide me feedback and ideas to make it better in future update.

Back to the topic, most of my time has been occupied by little trivial things in life so I haven't been quite productive as I used to be. Still I'm glad that I'm still able to make updates to Input.Touches and TDTK, while working on a contract. I really hope I can shed more lights about the contract work but I'm afraid it's not the right time yet. The only thing I can say is, it's a lot of work and it's a pain in the ass at time. But still, it's a much appreciated opportunity.

Also the company that I was working on with a friend has completely fall flat on its face, having only release one game on AppStore. Turn out it's extremely hard to outsource any development work at on a small budget. We have been through some horror story doing that. And it really broke my heart with some of the attitude I've seen by some of the individuals calling themselves game developer. But that's a story for another time. So yea so one of the stuff that occupied me this month is to cleaning up the mess following this aftermath.

At least both Input.Touches and TDTK has been doing reasonably well on AssetStore following the madness sales. The positive feedback I got is really the key for me to keep working on and improve them. I really want to express my gratitude to those who has been actively helping me on these package, as well as all those who has supported the work by making a purchase.

All in all, a fairly decent month. Consider the fact that I'm still here and got a contract to keep my ass covered for at least a few months to come. Perhaps I should take this opportunity and just accept the fact that it's summer and I should relax a bit and have some down time.

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