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Saturday, 7 July 2012

InputTouches v1.1.1 released

Just a quick annoucement that update version1.1.1 is now live on AssetStore. The changes in the new update are as followed:
  • fix bug where onSwipeStartE, onSwipingE and onSwipeEndE events wouldnt fire
  • fix bug but with 2 fingers rotate (twist)
  • added smoothing configuration to 2 fingers rotate (twist)
  • fix error description on documentation, specifically for charge related events
  • added two new mini-game demos, turret and flick-shoot
Some of it are rather critical game breaking bug that shouldn't have happen in the first place. I admit it's my error. I so hopelessly careless. I hope that doesn't cause anyone a serious amount of head-scratching or worse, disappointment over the functionality of the package.

On the brighter side, the 2 new mini games would serve as a very good starting point for some simple game, using the input gesture supported by the library. Both are turret game but uses very different mechanic.

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