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Friday, 29 June 2012

Anniversary of TDTK! and more update.

Ok, one year ago this time, TDTK was announced and shortly went live on AssetStore.  Thanks to all the support from the community and the awesome tool that Unity is and the wonderful AssetStore, it has become one of the better recognized TD framework on AssetStore. It's been quite a journey. The framework has come a long way from what is it when it's first released. And for me personally, I have certainly learn a lot from developing the framework. And I'm very much looking forward to put more work into it to take it further.

To mark to the occasion, (well, is more of a coincident to be honest) the toolkit has been featured in AssetStore madness sales. But it's not going for the full madness rate of 50% discount, only 30%. I've said before I never wanted to give out huge discount as I think the current price tag as it's is quite reasonable given the content and support I try to provide to every user. And it's not fair for people who pay the full price. But hey, it's one year anniversary of TDTK and I think 30% is quite alright.

Anyway, the latest update of TDTK, v2.0.4 is now live on AssetStore. Well it was actually a few days ago but I got caught up with some other thing and only now I got to make a blog post here. As usual, following are the additions/changes:

  • added ammo count and reload mechanism to turret and directionAOE towers.
  • added range preview for towers in building phase.  
  • added tower preview for PointNBuild build mode, for both UI.cs and UIiOS.cs.  
  • added modifier for creep's move animation to match the movement speed.  
  • added pause menu for UI.cs. Can be triggered by button pressed or 'escape' key.  
  • tower can now be pre-placed in the scene. 
  • small addition to SpawnEditor, time required for each wave to finish spawn in now shown.
    fix bug where modified prefab value using editor is not saved upon unity Editor quit.
  • fix bug where next level turret and base doesn't appear correctly when upgrading towers.  
  • fix bug for editor where when adding new level for towers, the new stats are linked across level.fix several UI related bug.

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