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Monday, 25 June 2012

Input.Touches update v1.1

I'm pleased to announce that Input.Touches has been given a major update. It's a huge change to say the least, almost all of the core code has been reworked. As a result, the library is now support multi-touch, multi-gesture concurrently. Following is the major change/addition in a nutshell:
  • added support for multiple (2 or more) fingers version for most event. These events included tap, long tap, multiple (2 or more) tap, charge, drag.
  • added support for multiple concurrent input event. These events included tap, multi-finger tap, long tap, multi-fingers long tap, multi-tap, multi-finger multi-tap, drag, swipe.
  • swipe event can now be triggered consecutively without needing to lift the triggering finger.
All the events in the previous version is still intact. I've tried to minimize the change to the event API as much as possible.

Following the new update, in theory, one can now make a multiplayer game on i-Pad with multiple touch gesture with Input.Touches. Or indeed, build a complex control scheme using the possible combination of gesture type. Very neat I think. I'm rather pleased with the result. It has certainly took me a lot of effort, a lot more than I initially anticipated. But then I've done a lot more than I initially have in mind. Overall this is a huge improvement over version 1.0. I'm fairly confident that most existing user will agree.

The package is now live on AssetStore. Feel free to post any question or comment on the official support thread.

Thanks for reading!

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