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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Alive and Kicking! Sort of...

It's been a while since I've post anything. This is just to say that I'm still alive and more importantly, working. Ya I know this might not excite many people. I'm not really working on a game which many people are anticipating. I certainly hope I do though. But at least I'm working on getting there. It's about full filling an obligation to myself, as well as paying the bills of course.

I have some good news and bad news to both TDTK and Input.Touches users. The good news is I'm working on new updates for both package. Input.Touches in particular would have some major tweak to fix some of its current short-coming. Bad news is the update might not come that soon. The reason being I'm extremely busy with recent personal related event and a series of other stuff. I sincerely apologise for that, it's not my habit to keep things hanging, especially when it concern benefit and welfare of others. 

Also I've also notice that both package has received some decent review recently. I like to thank all the users for supporting and using the packages.

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