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Friday, 1 June 2012

Input.Touches v1.0 Update

I like to thank all the user for supporting Input.Touches. It has received some postive recognition following its featuring on Unity AssetStore madness sales.

Now, an update has been made to the package following feedback and suggestion from users. I've revised almost all of the code to solve the mouse and touch input conflict when running on unity editor with target platform set to iOS or Android. I'll be eager to receive any feedback and comment regarding the new change. I like to thanks Chris Byers for suggesting the possible solution in the first place.

Also along with the new update a bug or two has also been fix. I certainly hope I didn't miss out any. So the full changes in version1.0 are as follow:
  • Code revision, no more platform dependant compilation. Touch and mouse input are now compatible with each other under any circumstances.
  • fix bug where the angle of a swipe is not calculated properly
  • fix bug where onDraggingEnd event doesn't pass the correct touch position when running on device
The latest package has been submited to AssetStore and should be available shortly.

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