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Friday, 1 June 2012

TDTK Update - v2.0.3

A new update for TDTK! again...

This update is relatively small compare to previous. And it's mostly focus on PC and desktop. The most notable being manual targeting and custom cursor. The webdemo has been updated to reflect the change.

The full list of change are as follow:
  • added build and shoot animation support for towers
  • added manual targeting for selected towers
  • added CursorManager, support custom cursor for mouse
  • fix bug for creep pathing
  • fix bug where slow effect doesn’t apply to creep
  • fix bug for UI.cs where level complete/failed message doesn't displayed properly
The update has been upload to Unity AssetStore and is now live.

Thanks for all the users support and feedback.


  1. Hi Song,

    I'm eager to try TDTK but hesitate to spend the money since you only stated it's iOS compatible. I'd like to target iOS and Andoid. But maybe, by "iOS" you mean "mobile" in general?


  2. Thank for the interest.

    As far as I'm concern. What qualifies the framework to be iOS compatible are the optimization in term of code and the touch input support in UI and of course, tested on actual device.

    I uses unity own touch input code, which should works universally across both iOS and Adriod. So in theory, the framework should works on both platform. The reason I mention only iOS is, I've only tested it myself on iOS devices. I've user that have stated their intention to use it for Andriod. I havent heard any complaint so far so I assume it works but I rather not take any chances on false advertising.

    I hope that clarify things a bit.