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Friday, 18 November 2011

Announcing TDTK v1.3, it's iOS compatible!

Haven't been active recently. My gaming urge has finally caught up with me and I've spend all my free time, even a bit of my suppose working hour jamming game. Witcher2 in particular. Try it, it's brilliant. It's the only RPG in years that have me going hours after hours just to find out how the story goes.

Finally, good news to all those that haven been waiting for requesting for an iOS compatible version of TDTK. I finally got all the licenses and hardwares this last weekend. Like I promised to some of the user, I have start work to port the toolkit to iOS immediately following that.

It certainly has taken a lot more time than I thought. But I'm very close to wrapping things up. Testing on iPhone4, the toolkit manage to achieved a steady FPS of 20 and above with the example scene. It should do better when a better optimized art asset is used.

Anyway, the toolkit will be ready by December or early December.

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