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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Annoucing TDTK 2.0

I'm sure this is not a secret. Most people who use or follow the development of TDTK on Unity forum would have known this. I'm currently working on TDTK 2.0 on all my spare time. Which mean whenever I'm not working on a more urgent, paid projects.

Anyway here's the main features in TDTK 2.0 (those that different from 1.x anyway):
  • Fully coded in C#, as request by many.
  • Platform and Grid system are now merged. Plane object are now used as platform and grid system are setup according to each platform size and position and rotation. 
  • Customizable buildable tower on individual platform.
  • Hybrid of waypoint-based and openfield path system. Tower platform can be used as a waypoint in which pathFinder will automatically find suitable path for the creep to navigate through.
  • Path direction indicator (not exactly vital I know but I think it will be handy)
  • Additional tower type, SupporTower. Gives bonus to surroundding tower.
  • TowerEditor window. Just there to make managing tower in scene and editing tower stats easier.
  • General redesign of the framework to provide a more intuitive way to setup things.
  • Code design with API to support custom GUI building.
Unity GameView

Unity SceneView
TowerEditor (WIP)

It's still very hard to say how soon it will be available. There's still plenty to do, rouch edges to trimmed and an entire iOS UI need to be build. Then there's the documentation which I absolutely dreaded to do... oh dear...

Anyway, I hope this looks promissing to anyone who are interested. Any comments, feedback and feature request are welcomed.


  1. Hi,
    I've tried to compile the project to flash. However, creeps did not follow the defined path. I tried to build from your sample, the problem happened on the flying units. Could you please check it? Thank you!

  2. I've uploaded my compiled flash for you at:

  3. Sorry for the slow respond but It's very hard for me to try to figure out exactly what went wrong just looking at the demo. I'll need more information than that. Did you change any code or setting? Do other example scenes have the same problem?

    By the way are you using the latest version of TDTK? Just fyi, That example that you show me is no longer in use in the latest version.