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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

TDTK2 Development Update

Another Update! Straight to the point:
  • Added SpawnManagerEditor, just to make your life that little bit easier
  • Multi-Path support for single wave SpawnManger
  • Multi-Path support for a single platform
  • Enhanced UI for both iOS and non-iOS platform.
  • Enhanced Path Indicator. They look great! And they are performance friendly!
  • And many other minor improvement over the previous version.
Click here to get a look at the demo with iOS UI. And here for the demo with default UI. It's worth mentioning that TDTK2 is designed with API for building of custom UI. The demo in the UI are just two example UI that come along with the kit, each of them are a single independent script interacting with with the API of various game component.

At this point I'm quite happy with the progress. Most of the major component are done now. The rest are small bits like effects and tweaking here and there. And then documentation of course. It's certainly more polished than the previous version, even at this point. Performance wise, it manage around 30fps on my iPhone4 with the iOS UI demo scene. Still we will see how it fairs with larger level with bigger platform and more tower and unit.

Non-mobile platform UI
SpawnManager Editor
Finalised Tower Editor
Just to be clear again, TDTK2 will be a direct replacement over the previous version on AssetStore. So if you have purchase the current version, you will be eligible for this update. Also I dont plan to adjust the price either.


  1. Hey, Song--

    I'm an MD in the USA who does game design and writing and teaching. My little company did a med school game called ElderQuest ( for teaching senior med students geriatrics fundamentals, and I'm working on my own on a tower defense game now for general health-education.

    I have your tdtk 1.3.3 currently and I'm having a great time with it, working on a medical game (I may need to contact you if I get stuck, to offer some contract work if you think you might be interested)...

    Anyway, one question I have is whether there is a way to enable collision/blockage between projectiles (launched by towers) and the borders of a level. I've built a map that has simple walls scattered around for obstacles. The mesh-collider works fine for blocking placement of towers, but the projectiles and rays shoot right through the walls. Do they need to have "convex" turned on in order to function as blocks for shots from the towers?

    Thanks in advance -- and I'm really, really looking forward to TDTK 2.0! Any idea about when you'll be beta-testing it? I'd be glad to give it a try (in fact, when I saw your post about "another update," I thought that there was a downloadable update already!). Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for using the kit. Feel free to contact me should you come across any problem. I'm always happy to help. You will find my my email contact at the end of the TDTK documentation.

    As for your immediate question. An collider base obstacle would not stop the projetiles. For preformance reason (blame iOS), the projectile doesnt have collider on them so it wont detect collision. To acheive what you want, you need to add collider and rigidbody to the projectile, use OnTriggerEnter(obj:Collider) to unspawn the projectile if a collision is detected. You can configure the projectile to respond only to the walls you place by checking if the collided object is the wall itself.

    If you need a more detailed example or explaination please let me know.

  3. Understood, and I think that's a wise decision regarding performance with iOS (and Android). Instead of collision, I'll just revise the map a little bit to hide the issue. I'm also making a pc/internet version, though (I've done all the art in high- and low-res versions), and I may turn collision on for that.

    Thanks a bunch!

  4. Hello Song! I got your TDTK to develop a game of TD in my project to completion of college course, but we will have an extra! I'm increasing your toolkit to have a "first person shooter", ie, the person will have an extra option in order to have a first-person view of the selected tower to shoot the enemies! It's getting very nice transition from the camera. Once I have something ready I'll show you!

  5. Awesome! Thanks for using the kit and even more, make something cool. Let me know if there's any issue. I would very much like to see how it goes. Perhaps I would even support the feature officially. :)