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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Sneak Peak of An Un-named Title

A sneak peak of an iOS game I'm working on. It's reasonably complete so I figure I can show something about it. Screenies...

It's basically a simple vertical running game with the main objective being go as far as you can without hitting any obstacle, while picking up as many bonus and points as you can of course. If anything, it's a more test the water and learning process to iOS publishing.

It's basically a share project with me as the only developer/director. The art work are out-source obviously. Unfortunately the boss haven't thought of a name for this hence the term "unnamed".

We hope to release the game on April. It will be free. But it does come with optional in app purchase. A lite version with upgrade to full version so to speak.

Can't wait to see what's the general reaction to this.

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