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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Work, work...

I havent been very active in posting stuff lately. Partly because I just took a 3 weeks break over the cause of January, partly because I'm very busy with a few long term projects and obviously, doing support work for TDTK. But simply put, there isnt any material worth posting from my recent work.

Suffice to say I'm almost exclusively doing iOS projects currently, something that is bound to happen ever since I get a mac and iOS license. If things goes well, I should be having a few title coming very soon, which of course will be annouced on this blog.

In short, I'm just annoucing that I'm still very much in the game and working. Stay tuned...


  1. Song,

    great work, I have a few ideas and story boarded iOS game concepts. I did level design for years with Epic/Unreal/RealCTF in 90's and java some twist i think on the iOS TD craze. I like to talk to you via email to see if we can tweak something from your packages for me to start working with a core game

  2. Have some twist, not java :)